You may be living in a simulated universe

How fun.
The trials and tribulations of life… all a simulation. Perhaps this is a moment where you can admit taking too seriously is just making the simulator happy…

The notion that we are a simulated life form is not new.. it’s been around for decades as a thought–the movie the MATRIX made it even more mainstream.

Today mainstream science sites are seemingly publishing daily blogs about the idea that we are not real..

This report coming from NBC NEWS on July 6 is the most recent example..

Dan Falk writes,

Rizwan Virk, founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s PlayLabs program and author of “The Simulation Hypothesis,” is among those who take the simulation hypothesis seriously. He recalls playing a virtual reality game so realistic that he forgot that he was in an empty room with a headset on. That led him to wonder: Are we sure we aren’t embedded within a world created by beings more technologically savvy than ourselves?

That question makes sense to Rich Terrile, a computer scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Detailed as they are, today’s best simulations don’t involve artificial minds, but Terrile thinks the ability to model sentient beings could soon be within our grasp. “We are within a generation of being those gods who create those universes,” he says.

Not everyone is convinced. During a 2016 debate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Harvard University physicist Lisa Randall said the odds that the simulation hypothesis is correct are “effectively zero.” For starters, there’s no evidence that our world isn’t the array of stars and galaxies that it appears to be. And she wonders why advanced beings would bother to simulate Homo sapiens. “Why simulate us? I mean, there are so many things to be simulating,” she said. “I don’t know why this higher species would want to bother with us.”

Some believe that coincidences, so often far from being likely and happening too often, are good examples of how we are simulated. Others believe the #MandelaEffect is a prime showcase of a simulated universe gone wrong.. how moments have changed and now the simulated life forms have noticed.

Realistically, there will really never be an answer to this. Your tax or gas bill will still be in the mail next week. Your simulation may be to not pay.. and you may be simulated in jail or debt. That’s the reality.

But .. it sure if fun to think about, isn’t it?


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