Year of the clown during the season of the witch

Clyde Lewis called it accurately months ago.. this autumn would bring on Clown World..  proving once against that Ground Zero is days, weeks, and months ahead of contemporary pop culture..

The latest example is how clowns are penetrating into the ongoing Hong Kong protests..

The UK DAILY MAIL has the story and tremendous photos the latest:

Hong Kong demonstrators donned cartoon masks on Friday as they formed human chains around the city in defiance of a ban on face coverings at rallies.

Gathering along the city’s subway lines hand-in-hand, pro-democracy protesters masqueraded as characters including Winnie-the-Pooh, the Joker and Guy Fawkes.

They held up their phone lights and chanted slogans calling for a ‘revolution of our times’ – a battle cry of the five-month-long movement which has shaken the Chinese city with violent confrontations between protesters and police.

Hong Kong’s protests began in June in opposition to a now-abandoned extradition bill, which would have allowed the transfer of accused criminals to mainland China.

A protester wears a Winnie-the-Pooh mask during a demonstration in Hong Kong on Friday, in which demonstrators formed human chains around the city

Pro-democracy demonstrators held up their phone lights and chanted slogans calling for a 'revolution of our times'

JOKER has not only been a hit in America, but also has taken global box offices by storm.. but there is something seemingly deeper in its popularity, it is striking a nerve with audiences around the planet.. and even more than Pennywise from IT, we have gone from scary clowns of 2016 to hardcore and deeper-meaninged clowns in the modern time..

Why so serious? That was 2008’s line.. This new one is just .. clown world..

The year of the clown. Sometimes they wear makeup. Sometimes they don’t..

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