Massive growing sinkhole in Florida..

Predictions: Sea rise by 2100 will be doubled because of Antarctic ice loss..

THE 100 controversy continues.
Episode 9 spoilers: New commander on the rise..

Luke Baines–the primary villain in GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS–offers his take on the current state of the horror genre.. “I prefer thrillers, or a horror-thriller. I want that adrenaline rush like I’m going on a ride. Horror films are one of the only genres that have bucked the trend in terms of making money. There’s a lot more out there than in the past, but it’s become about how many scares you can deliver in 90 minutes. Even in the marketing, now they show you clips of audiences screaming just to prove it’s a scary movie. What’s frightening to me isn’t necessarily a jump scare, it’s more about creating tension and intensity, and there’s not a lot of films doing that at the moment.”

GOD IS STILL NOT DEAD. the sequel.

Story claims it figured things out: PLANET X kills everyone about every 27 million years.

Madness: Videos calling for the killing of Trump..

Michael Stipe and his massive beard appear on Fallon to cover Bowie..


Social media wrong mad!! The death of LEXA from THE 100 dominates WonderCon 2016..The Earth’s moon wobbled off its axis billions of years ago..
Longtime readers of the HORROR REPORT may remember when Anghus would regularly check in .. Here is a feature on the screenwriter on the THEATER IN THE NOW website..The wild election of 2016 about to get more wild: Donald Trump believes that there should be punishment for women who undergo abortions if the procedure was outlawed, but indicated he has yet to determine what that punishment should be..  And with his words being uttered.. and furor from both sides..Now available at Red Robin: RAMEN BURGERS..IS SALVA PAST FAIR GAME?


Alycia Debnam-Carey addresses THE 100 controversy..addresses the LGBT community’s anger over LEXA’s death from the show..
On fan reaction..
Could the LGBT community view positively?

Ben Affleck will not allow his 4-year-old to see BATMAN VS SUPERMAN..

Historic DOUBLE COMET flyby this week..

Landmarks go dark for EARTH HOUR..

An international paper calls THE WITCH so scary that ‘satanists endorse it for accuracy and its level of evil’.. This headline is an insult to intellgience on a lot of levels. Misleading to say the least..

Horror movie scenes you can’t UNSEE..

Marilyn Manson hits Beebs in Instagram..

Speaking of Instagram: The Pope is now on that social media platform.. he’s already a hit..

Cities united against MONSANTO..

Kids scramble for 100,000 Easter Eggs in New Jersey! As a parent, I have been to countless egg hunts that get mean and nasty.. hopefully 100,000 eggs kept kids busy enough that it lasted longer than three minutes..


Ted Cruz’s father says that GOD told him to run..

This amazing interview appeared the CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION with Virginia Tech civil engineering professor Marc Edwards. For those who don’t know, Edwards has been front and center in the story of the horrid water crisis in Flint Michigan..

WAR WAR WAR! US and coalition attempt to battle back against ISIS ..

PHIL sees NO shadow.. predicts an early spring. In other news, the movie GROUNDHOGS DAY is playing for 12 hours straight today..  The ground hog will most likely be right. With the exception of the fluke blizzard of 2016 along the East Coast, this is an EL NINO year. It’s El Nino years are warm like that.. Early spring–but a warm snowstorm can still hit the Northeast end of February into March..

Monsanto now supports GMO labeling?

Top general says that women should register for the draft the same as men..

How the brain folds
Scientists 3D print a brain..

And this in from LEFT FIELD! NASA’S New Horizons team discovers VAST  reserves of H20 ice on Pluto! These images are based on LEISA scans of Pluto obtained on July 14, 2015, from a range of about 67,000 miles..

If you are NOT watching the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cartoon, you should be.

TMNT 1 small
The way the NINJA TURTLES started: A sketch to make someone laugh..The GOOD MEN PROJECT interviews TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman.. This may be a lesson.. never question your ideas. Never stop your creative process. Never give up.. and save all of your doodles and sketches. One of them may end up growing into a multi-million dollar series!


The panda was kung fu fighting: KUNG FU PANDA 3 tops the box office with $41 mil.. An “A” cinemascore..

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MONSTER sinkhole hits Oregon highway!

A monstrous cloud is now heading to our Milky Way galaxy with enormous speed and is ready to collide with it, scientists said, adding that when it plows into our galaxy, the reaction will trigger star formation and provide gas for 2 million new stars. The “apocalypse” it brings is not going to happen tomorrow – the scientists found out that the cloud is expected to plow into the Milky Way’s disk in some 30 million years.

The latest trailer for CABIN FEVER remake may make you sick..

Mother and daughter both brought their A-game.
NO SAG: Susan Sarandon stuns with SAG AWARDS outfit..

About 50,000 years ago, Australia was home to a 500-pound bird known as Genyornis newtoni. Research published recently in Nature Communications suggests that humans contributed to the species’ demise by eating their melon-sized eggs.

NEW EVIDENCE about how the moon was formed// MORE: A recent study published in Science by Edward Young, a geologist from UCLA, found evidence for a violent collision 4.5 billion years ago that formed our moon . Evidence from lunar rocks in comparison with rocks found here on Earth suggests a giant impact was the source of the moon we know today. This further supports the common theory that the moon was formed by a major planetary collision between Earth and Theia.

More information about these weird booms being heard everywhere..


New report claims: We cannot find alien life because climate change killed the aliens!

CHRIS CARTER: X FILES almost got shut down for getting too close to something..

New years fear: ZIKA virus spreading explosively..
NEW YORK CITY addresses..

Disgusting beyond belief: In Flint Michigan, state workers were getting clean water for a year while the government denied problems.. 

Creepy doll helps advertise for THE BOY horror movie..

Indications: North Korea prepping for missile test..

RELATED: Earthquake hit N.J. earlier in January
Numerous trembling and shaking in New Jersey.. either Chris Christie jumping rope or quakes are happening–or sonic booms fro another reason.. today: By 3 p.m., the U.S. Geological survey had posted on its website that the tremors shaking parts of New Jersey on Thursday afternoon were the result of a probable sonic boom…  THE USGS site reports.. NBC NEWS reports this wrap: UPDATE: US military officials: F-35C Joint Strike Fighter jet created a “number of sonic booms” during flight tests off NJ coast Thursday..

Weekend box: KUNG FU PANDA looks to $40 mil opening..

THE ATLANTIC: ‘In defense of flat earthers’..


In this Dec. 2, 2015, photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Prince William County Fair Ground in Manassas, Va. Trump tapped a man to be a senior business adviser to his real-estate empire even after the mans past involvement in a major mafia-linked stock fraud scheme became public. Felix Sater pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering in 1998. His conviction remained secret for nearly a decade as he worked as a government informant and an executive at the Bayrock Group, a real estate firm that partnered with Trump. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
Donald Trump calls for ban on Muslims entering the United States!
Trump doubles lead in New Hampshire..

San Bernardino shooters practiced for a year in advance to act..
Farook got a loan for $28,000 before shooting..
Family lawyer doesn’t believe official account, of this OR the Sandy Hook shooting..

Norovirus suspected as 80 Boston college students become ill at Chipolte.. and not just in Boston: Seattle is also reporting a breakout, sickening at least 200.. A whole lot of Norovirus lately..

The reasons that KRAMPUS defied the odds and became a quick box office horror hit for Christmas..

Predictions: Smartphones will die in 5 years..

Marriage vanishing in Italy..

The voice of Charlie Brown arrested and sentenced..

BURT REYNOLDS hits hard: Charlie Sheen ‘got what he deserved’..

ANONYMOUS declares Friday to be ISIS trolling day..

Cousins of dinosaurs lived more recently than previously thought..

Dolphin image of human
Images show how dolphins see people..

“IDENTITY” is the word of the year..

Sun in High-Energy X-Rays
The sun is capable of ‘devastating’ super solar flare..

Arnold Schwarzenegger says to go ‘part time veg’ and stop eating meat one day a week to save the planet..

Fans begin lining up at movie theaters for STAR WARS..

Ebola now killing people NOT INFECTED..