What have we become, my sweetest friends? Everyone I know gets questioned in the end

Yet again, we as a nation are going through some weird deja vu.. A terrorist attack in a major city, shock across the nation.. and then powder and chemicals being sent through the mail.. evacuations and bomb scares from sea to shaky sea. This is America, 2013.. Not 2001. Then it was a much worse attack with a target of Osama bin Laden by the end of the day. This time we still search for someone. Then it was anthrax, with a scientist being blamed and never charged, and he eventually died from the planet .. this time it’s ricin, and we already arrested someone. If we can believe media reports that is.
And should we?
We had a roller coast of emotions today. This morning the trail was ‘cold’ and had run dry. By the afternoon CNN was pounding its chest in celebration of breaking news that “dark skinned bomber” had been arrested. The problem was that he was not arrested. No one was arrested. There was no arrest. Instead rumors being garbled up by everyone quickly …CNN had to back off its story about their dark skinned mail, just as the New York POST had to back off its own embarrassment with their “Saudi national” suspect the night of the bombing. For the record, there is still an AP dispatch of the ‘arrest’  Wonder how long this will be lasting in their archives.
And who can forget about the instant conspiracy theory industry whenever a major event occurs. Alex Jones is rampaging across the airwaves .. he is combing through photos and today on his show said he found Navy Seals—or what he thought of as people acting like Navy Seals—all dressed the same.. with backpacks.. I linked some of those interesting photos already here. 
Last night on the Sean Hannity Fox Noise network program, Hannity and ‘respected’ expert Mark Fuhrman wondered aloud if we should be taking a second glance at people who buy more than one pressure cooker in their lives, even reminding viewers that those new objects of war have lifetime guarantees. 
But just when you thought lunacy was only abundant not he right wing? Just go left young man and you’ll find just as much. Actor Jay Mohr blamed guns—but on the bright side he didn’t blame pressure cookers. And SALON just went all out, saying they hope that the bomber turns out to be a white male.
Yes indeed, we are living through lunacy.
Conspiracy theorists vs media windbags that want to be first place.. FOX pulling the FAMILY GUY while their news station jumped on the Saudi national original villain. 
What have we become, my sweetest friends?
Everyone I know gets questioned in the end.
Indeed. What have we become…

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