Verizon sheds the Tumblr Fumblr for pennies on the billion dollar bill

In 2007, then 21-year-old David Karp, a high school dropout, figured out a mechansim to create a sensation: TUMBLR.. a miroblogging platform would go on to become the fan favorite for millions..

While everything seemed to be swell, Yahoo purchased the company in 2013.. bloggers were aghast! Suddenly MARISSA MAYER became the ultimate villian on the social media site.. people then even opined that Yahoo would ban something that Tumblr was becoming widely known for: Porn..

The born ban took a few more years–but it happened..

Karp left the company for good in 2017.

Verizon acquired Yahoo in the same year..

And just this week, news broke that Verizon was selling Tumblr for “well below $20 million.” More like $10 mil according to some sources, telling that number for business publications..

In 2017 when word spread that Tumblr was up for sale, the only interested buyer at the time was actually Pornhub!

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Now the sale gives Tumblr over to Automattic Inc, the same company that owns …

On a Tumblr blog post, Automattic’s Matt Mullenberg is painting the best face on the new purchase.. and signaling that the PORN BAN will not be reversed..

Tumblr’s freshness in 2007 was amazing.. the ability to blog, reblog, and do it with supreme ease came just a smart phones became the go to device for a generation.

At this point, Tumblr appears to house about 450 million blogs. But for some reason Tumblr is in a box that other sites like Reddit have jumped from. Tumblr’s amazing ease and functionality also appears to be its abaltross.. change can’t happen without ruining the model and beauty that Tumblr users have come to love.

The HORROR REPORT was on Tumblr for a bit, and we still have some blogs housed there. Tumblr is beautiful. But it also becomes somewhat the culture to just post memes or jokes and reblog things you don’t write.. It makes blogging or owning a website extremely easy.. ust as quickly as it creates an environment where you can get away with being lazy with content.

The company employs roughly 200 people.

And to date Tumblr has made no profit for anyone who owed it–minus David Karp who sold it originally and walked away from the site he created…

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