Thursday May 30, 2013: News from around the world and beyond

Like always, we will read and weep together…

The Russian earthquake that occurred days ago (the one felt in Moscow) may have been the deepest ever recorded by man.. Does this mean anything to you?? Is something happening to the core of this planet?

The New York TIMES will not be attending a Department of Justice meeting because it opposes an ‘off the record’ session with Eric Holder to discuss the DOJ monitoring of reporters.. Off the record!? AP will not be there either.. The latest report from CNN shows that the media is revolting over this meeting.. All due to this ‘off the record’ session with Holder.. Even if there’s no ‘there there’ it certainly looks strange. Don’t you think? 
Pedophile who ‘killed elderly couple and raped two-year-old’ had been released from prison for almost identical attack just HOURS earlier … This story is disgusting and should not be read by the faint of heart.. it’s horrendous just how sick people in our ‘society’ can so often be.. This story of Jerry Active only amplifies how sick it can be..
Not Sam Wheat.. but GMO wheat.. the USDA has found unnaproved Monsanto GMO wheat in a field in Oregon.. But now that the Monsanto Protection Act was signed… what could really even happen? Either way, lots of people are suddenly angry all over again at Monsanto due to the wheat..
Ready, set, fly by! That big asteroid is about to fly by this planet tomorrow.. And it brings to light the ever important question of what we should do if a big asteroid is set to destroy the earth.. one expert at least suggests that we nuke those dangerous space rocks..
We all know that JC Penny is going broke. So was it really smart for them to make a tea pot look like Adolph Hitler. Really, they did..
The Associated Press profiled Rob Zombie in new article.. According to the AP, the new horror movie reveals he is a ‘renaissance man’.. The AP interviewed Zombie to accompany the article.. Author Jack Vance dies…

Twin sisters from Canada are being called the ‘next best thing’ of horror for their horror hit AMERICAN MARY.. Even Eli Roth gave them advice on how to pitch their film.. Todd Masters did special effects for the film.. The movie has been called ‘feminist’ and ‘SAW-like’ in its sadistic nature.. 
And speaking of sadistic nature of horror films, I’m just about done with them. Seriously.. The torture porn category should be separated from horror..

I would be remiss if I didn’t do this.. a few weeks ago I received an email from my friend over at the CINEMA PSYCHO.. he wrote an excellent article about horror, and about why we watch movies in the genre.. I forgot to link it up at that time, and I am doing so now.. It’s a great perspective on the topic, though.. He concludes that we watch it not to see people tortured and killed, but instead to see a survivor win at the end. I agree.. If you look in the past history, there is always a character that we relate to and hope becomes the hero. That is why I am so opposed to the way movies like SAW and others treat victims.. they dehumanize them in order to kill them all in raw and horrific ways.. But zoom back to the classic HALLOWEEN (not the Rob Zombie version) and we all cheered on Laurie Strode.. The CINEMA PSYCHO post addresses that, as well.. It’s a great read when you have the chance..

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