The old tape..

You may have seen this—or heard this—before.. 
Best not to listen with your lights down..
The possible true story behind this audio is that it was a famous radio hijacking.. the alien sounds replace the classical music being played.. about two minutes into the clip, the female voice begins to rhythmically recite names of people who died during the Pan Am bombing from the 1980s.. There’s more on the clip here.. There’s also some debate, on some boards, as to when the actual audio was recorded..
The audio has been online for over a year.. there are countless message boards, including this REDDIT thread, of people debating if they should even listen—and if they did, would they experience a “RING” like fate..
I was first introduced to the file by Clyde Lewis’ radio program last year.. I never quite got it out of my head, and last night Lewis played the file again during his program on weird radio transmissions and numbers stations.
While it’s really not known if this event actually occurred or if it’s a big hoax, or some sort of publicity stunt from years ago, this is what is apparent: The tape is freaky, frightening, and downright chilling. 
If you listen, you may want to wait until daybreak.. Unless you’re into things that go bump—or squelch—in the night.

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