The mystery of Emanuela Orlandi deepens in Italy

The mystery of Emanuela Orlandi rocks the Vatican!

On Thursday the Vatican opened two 19th century graves in the cemetery to let forensic experts look for the remains of Emanuela Orlandi. She was the 15 year-old-daughter of a Vatican bank employee whose family lived inside Vatican City. Orlandi was last seen at a bus stop in central Rome after leaving a flute lesson on June 22, 1983.

Two tombs were opened; the “Tomb of the Angel,” of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe who died in 1836, and the tomb of Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklemburg, who died in 1840. Members of their families, Orlandi’s, and forensics scientists and Vatican police were all present as the tombs were unsealed.

In a statement released after just a couple hours of work, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said the operation had “produced negative results: no human findings or funerary urns were found” in either of the tombs – neither any remains appearing to belong to a teenager from the 1980s, nor any belonging to the 19th century princesses.


“The last thing I expected was to find empty tombs,” said Orlandi’s brother, Pietro Orlandi, 60.

Emanuela, the daughter of a Holy See employee whose family lived within the Vatican walls, was last seen leaving a music class at age 15 in 1983


And here is a great video on the topic from true crime You Tuber Stephanie Harlowe

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