It’s just an INSTRAGRAM PHOTO right?

Millie Bobby Brown fans have latched on to it…. they believe it gives rise to the premise that Hopper is (SPOILER HERE for those who still did not see STRANGER THINGS season 3) NOT DEAD..

Her new photo with David Harbour has given fans new hope that the character may return.

The two are pictured having what Brown terms a “daddy daughter date” and Harbour can be seen sporting a new heavy beard.

In the comments, Harbour later joked: “They grow up so damn fast.”

Fans of the 80’s inspired show have been quick to point out that Harbour’s new look could in fact tie in with the theory that Chief Hopper is being held prisoner in a Russian jail. “Am I the only one who believes David’s beard is an indication to hopper being the ‘american’?” one Instagram user pointed out. Another added: “Hopefully growing that beard to make it look like he was kept in a Russian base.” (

The beard could certainly be Harbour’s newfound look after spending time in either the upside down or the Russian jail .. what say youeth?

Leave that door open, remember..three inches.

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