The fracking Madrid

For years, we have heard stories of not so ancient times.. when a massive earthquake occurred in the Central part of the United States–and that it was so big it actually caused church bells to ring in the far off Northeast ..That was in 1811, on December 16. A 7.7 quake struck Arkansas and was felt wide along the entire North American continent. A 7.0 rocked the same region later that same day… way back in 1811.

So do you think we are overdue? We could be..
As a matter of fact, some geologists are stunned by a sudden quake swarm taking place near Guy Arkansas. The fear is palpable enough that even mainstream CNN is reporting on it today in fresh runs..
The most common explanation for this recent earthquake swarm is natural gas fracking–although the frackers in the natural gas industry may beg to differ. For years, opponents of hydraulic fracking have argued that pumping chemicals into the ground during the process of gas extraction is causing earth tremors. And now with more states getting involved, such as the Marcellus Shale area of the United States, it’s a true fear Pennsylvania has seen a skyrocketing natural gas industry. It also has numerous nuclear power plants. If earthquakes ensue.. it may not be pretty.
The latest quake swarm that is taking place in Arkansas is interesting. The tremors are relatively mild compared to the big ones of the 19th century. But there have been three dozen in just the past week..
And experts are cautious in their speculation.. 
Or earth movement…and something history coming?
All eyes and ears on Arkansas….

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