The biggest event in a lifetime for some *(it would seem*) is AVENGERS ENDGAME appearing in theaters.. this weekend’s box office totals are set to be soaring high above expectations.. record breaking… immense in implications.. and worldwide in its reach..

The ending?
WHILE THE ENDING LEAKED weeks ago, most credible snooze sites are keeping it under wraps out of respect for those who disband the use of spoilers prior to such big films being unleashed into the theaters…

However a few are blogging and opining about the end scenes.. Such as Germain Lussier in GIZMODO:

The film’s unrelenting bombardment of story and visual effects are sometimes so dense they edge toward baffling, but they also help gloss over a smattering of problems, which were inevitable with such grandiose goals. Endgame was never going to be perfect. But it comes damn close and, at times, rises to a state of near transcendence.

More than anything else, Endgame is meant to be a complete, complex, and satisfying conclusion to the last decade we’ve spent with its characters, and it delivers on that promise. The movie is the theatrical equivalent of going 15 rounds with a great fighter. It’s overwhelming and exhausting, but it feels incredible when the credits begin to roll.


At the time of this posting, there are almost 60 reviewed compiled on ROTTEN TOMATOES with a score of 98% for the film.. Audience score yet to be determined.

This weekend: The numbers.. The money.. the record broken..


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