The day after today: Hail and high winds deep in the coal region of PA I swear I was just in a scene from the DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

IMAGE: Twitter / DannyReeseWx

A monster storm just rolled through with tornado warnings and severe storm alerts.. Hail, high winds.. Saw no funnel clouds or dogs floating by my window with witches on brooms, so that’s a plus.. but word on the ‘net’ is that Danville, PA, got socked with so much hail that windshields are broken all over town..

Here is how big they were

It may sound a little cliche at this point, and you can blame it on global warming or earth changes or manmade chemtrails, but I think weather is getting stronger.

Maybe not ‘worse’ in the sense that it’s widespread, but where storms do pop up they gain so much strength so fast that it makes you truly wonder if the tails of tribulation to come across our planet are true. There was one blast of thunder that was so loud, so deep, it sounded like a train literally tore open the house and ran through ..

Mutley the Dog ran from his normal hiding spot under a desk to the closet floor and attempting to squeeze in between a pair of my jeans and the wall…

Safe here in the coal mines of PA still, though. Lots of flooding and broken trees, but life will go on.
 Always could be worse.

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