The Big bangs out: Big ratings for finale

“The Big Bang Theory” ended its long, successful run with 18 million people tuning in for its series finale on Thursday night, according to Nielsen.

“Big Bang” goes out on a high note: The CBS comedy will finish the season as the most-viewed entertainment show in all of network television.

Where it did not surpass “Cheers” was the finale ratings: The final episode of “Cheers” in 1993 garnered a staggering 80.5 million viewers …

Wait.. 80.5 million in 1993/ yes! Because MORE people watched TV in 1993..

But for today’s standards in regular plain old boring network TV, 18 million people is something to reckon with.

The BIG BANG THEORY first appeared on TV on September 24, 2007..

Also that day in history, to show what has happened since, George W. Bush was president, the Iraq War was raging, the official unveiling of Trump SoHo in September 2007 took place, and RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION was the number 1 film in the nation..

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