Every year I attempt to give me thoughts about the upcoming year and events that will occur..

But first a breeze back in time. HOW DID I DO!?

FROM 2017, WHAT I SAID WOULD BE THE STORIES OF 2018. My comments afterwards in bold. 

  1. Donald Trump is going to have a much more difficult time than expected. At least initially.  He will be besieged by protests and also by people within his own party. By the middle of the year, he will realize that by going directly to people above party leaders can motivate the electorate to accept some if his policies. I expect rallies by the end of the year to be a normal course of White House business.  There were rallies and yes, indeed, a lot of them.. Politics were business as usual as opposed to business as usual. I will give myself credit on this. 
  2. The stock market will hit 20,000 and stay within that range. By August we will be speculating when the market will hit 25,000. YES! Right .. .but the market dropped after. I would chalk this up as yet another victory in my predictions. 
  3. Vladimir Putin will either visit the United States or Donald Trump will visit Russia. Either way a more united front will emerge. They met. But not the visits I expected. HALF RIGHT.
  4. The weather in 2017 will be hot. As hot as 2016.. there may be slick spots of winter that emerge from time to time sporadically throughout the world, but the majority of the months to come will feature hotter than normal temperatures. Yep. As so it goes… Another point. 
  5. The British Royal family will have to decide how to move forward after a tragic scenario.. there may be a new queen before 2018. I will try again next year. No point.
  6. Stephen Colbert may be facing cancellation in 2017. There is going to be a dramatic realignment of late night TV. People are tired of an obsessive amount of politics during the daytime hours. The nighttime should be sacred for comedy. People may turn on political version of such by rebelling against the Colbert program on CBS. Wow how wrong could I be!! Trump helped him. No chance of this …
  7. BREXIT. Trump. I think France and Germany will have upheaval in 2017. The world is shaking like a post-earthquake atmosphere from the changes in 2016. Transitions something are sloppy. And we have somehow transitioned into something very different than we were in 16.. Yes.. but not being specific, I will not give myself a point.
  8. Major hacking will reveal something in 2017. Either from Wikileaks, or a source not yet to be named. Secrets will become revealed in 2017 to make us question what type of reality we live in. Nope..
  9. Though everyone seems to predict it, Donald Trump will be aggressive in NOT declaring war or bombing other nations. (This is a prediction, but also a prayer) Right.
  10. Virtual reality! All the rage in 2016! …..but just wait. I predict the opposite for 2017. Nope.

And now without further ado some predictions for 2019…….

  1. Economic uncertainly! Will we collapse!? Will we fail?! All of this is on the table as markets go up and down with high momentum.. Big changes and shifts. We will end the year mostly strong, but 2020 remains the enigma.. Election year recession? It’s possible by the end of ’19
  2. Donald Trump investigations galore! But what to see!? Everyone around him will be in trouble trouble.. him> …. he will make it to 2020 …
  3. Democrats in Congress MAY impeach Trump but the Senate will not convict…
  4. Most high ranking officials around Trump will continue to resign or go to jail. It’s mayhem at the highest levels!
  5. Weather!? Yep. Another big story. Few snow events but much more in the rain and flooding and tsunamis category… it’s going to be a brutal year.
  6. Robots will begin to take over parts of many industries.. people will start seeing the end of their careers thanks to tech.
  7. SEARS will be gone, as will many other major retailers that have been around for 200 years. I guess that’s called progress…..
  8. Big big celestial events will cause chaos and fright as blood moons and eclipses reign supreme..  These space events will coincide with strange anomalies on this planet. We live in strange times. 
  9. TECH OVERLOAD!!! We will start doing yoga.. seeking out peace.. and anything NOT associated with computers and smartphones…
  10. Ruth Bader Ginsberg will .. well… there will be a new nomination for the Supreme Court.. and the rest of the year of politics will be hell………………….

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