Famous last words and midlife turns 

On a yearly basis I post the song linked with this published HORROR REPORT today, September 2, 2015. My birthday.. I don’t remind readers of this for selfish reasons. As a matter of fact, I purposely ‘hide’ this information on my personal Facebook page simply because I don’t want to navigate the ‘Happy birthday” or … Read moreFamous last words and midlife turns 

Of life and death under the shroud of night

The 3am curse occurs again.. Last night, while most of the East Coast was undoubtedly sleeping through a peaceful summer night, I found myself pacing the house around three in the morning—the witching hour I have often written about on this site. While I don’t profess to know why the curse of sleeplessness of night … Read moreOf life and death under the shroud of night

The waning days of summer

It happens this time of year. Every year.. the moment when you’re staring at a beautiful summer sunset only to realize how early it’s leaving us.. how short the days are becoming. Sure, there’s plenty of heat coming.. Scorching conditions of August, dog days of the month. They will undoubtedly occur.. and when the first … Read moreThe waning days of summer