Feeling like the early 2000 teens again: BATTLE FOR NEIGHBORVILLE commences

The game has more of a ‘comic’ feel to me, with the design of characters being a little more bubbly and fun.. but along with the light hearted nature of of their appearance also some a huge degree of detail and design in the scenery.. it’s imaginative and creative.. It keeps the same feel of previous games but has an innocent enough take to bring in new fans.

Candy crushed

The video game industry is turning to digital sales and Activision’s reliance on traditional brick-and-mortar retail sales could jeopardize the company’s future, Activision(ATVI) said Thursday. The weakening euro and pound are also hurting Activision’s bottom line, and the company said those headwinds would continue. “The environment remains competitive,” said Dennis Durkin, CFO and president of Activison, during a call … Read moreCandy crushed


This is a cautionary note to parents prior to Christmas.. Video game platforms have a game called FORTNITE. It’s free! Yours to have! But it may cost a childhood, according to some alarmists that are portraying the game as something more addictive than even heroin! MORE from Bloomberg’s Jef Feeley and Christopher Palmeri Debbie Vitany … Read moreFORTNITE CONDITION! KIDS GOING TO REHAB OVER VIDEO GAME!