‘Sonic’ Director Says Design Changes ‘Going to Happen’ After Backlash

Sometimes movies like this are doomed from the start.. the initial backlash to the SONIC trailer that dropped yesterday was rapid and purely driven by social media fever.. Jeff Fowler, the director, went to Twitter to thank fans who expressed anger at the look of the SONIC character and said design changes are coming ..

It was a quick and sever backlash.. VARIETY reports:


Most of the fan outcry on the Internet, which broke out after the trailer droppedTuesday, seemed to center around the use of human teeth on Sonic, who is, in fact, a hedgehog and would have much smaller, pointy teeth. Vulture even interviewed an exotic animals veterinarian who works  with hedgehogs to get the lowdown on what Sonic’s teeth should look like. Some fans, however, debated whether realistic teeth would really improve things.

These fans mean business..

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