Royals just like to be in the buff

Maybe the crowned jewels are so miraculous that they find them necessary to be shown to the world. But does that explain the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, buffing it up as well.. She was photographed by a French magazine topless. Much to the chagrin of the Royal Family, those pictures were published.. she isn’t getting the star treatment that Prince Harry got for his wild sex romped weekend in Vegas. Middleton was more demure in her attempt to be wild. She was topless but there is no other evidence of orgies or all night pool parties with stars.

And this time, the Royal family is going to take action. They are going to sue the French Magazine closer FOR PUBLISHING THE PHOTOS.

Unfortunately if the Royal Family doesn’t think hundreds of other publications are already publishing the photo they are wrong. Forever now, Middleton’s bare-breasted day in the beach will be fully able to be seen, so as long as there is a free net and free speech.

Despite doom and gloom and horrific news of fiction and non, the HORROR REPORT is a little bit family friendly. So you’ll only get a censored image from me. You can do the rest of the world yourself should you be desperate to see Kate Middleton’s breasts. Here’s a secret, though: They look like everyone else’s. Nothing Royal about body parts in the end…

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