Predictive programming, or reaching high into the sky?

Here is some cool conspiracy for your Sunday..

The theory behind this video: Predictive programming in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

The YOUTUBE video is well done, it gives us in depth coverage of Marty’s “Twin Pines” mall warnings about terrorists, and constant 9/11’s appearing in the movie.. of course numbers had to be inverted for that to be true.. There’s also the all seeing Illuminati eye.

The one part that got me a bit was the flames of the time traveling car looking like an 11 while a symbol for a fake store looked like a 9.

But for this video to be truly predictive programming screaming to viewers that a terrorist attack would occur on September 11 almost 20 years later, a lot of other things would have to be true, too.. Not to downplay those interesting numeric idiosyncrasies..

The filmmakers of BACK TO THE FUTURE would have had to be in the know. Robert Zemeckis, the writer and director, was apart of this conspiracy. So .. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. THE POLAR EXPRESS, and other BACK TO THE FUTURE films would have the same little Easter Eggs of predictive programming as well?

While I never underestimate the chances that people are ‘in the know’ and that big groups behind the scenes are deplorable in their evil, some people see symbols and oddities in places where they may not be.

This message board linked is a good example of the fierce debate that even exists within conspiracy circles..

But that scene of the blazing 11 .. that one gets me. Not to say I buy into the full idea that Zemeckis wanted to warn us about something that would happen two decades later, but in hindsight lots of scenes are creepy. When pieced together..

But why didn’t anyone warn us of the 1993 attack. Or the bombing of the USS Cole. Or did they?

One of my favorite websites in the world is the 9/11 oddities and coincidences page on KILLTOWN. This is one of those website gems I have printed, saved, bookmarked and in a safe place in case the site ever ceases to exist.. On that page, there are years’ worth of strange occurrences in relation to 9/11, including just the strange idea that the Pentagon construction began on a 9/11 in 1941–months before another ‘day of infamy’ attack on America..  Another little point of interest is how Jim Jones wanted to fly a commercial airliner into San Francisco.. and how he didn’t care to tell the pilot how to land, only how to fly. The KILLTOWN page goes on in epic detail .. and we have the LONE GUNMAN episode.. and weird references in the SIMPSONS. And so much more.

Included with that pop culture listing: BACK TO THE FUTURE…

We can believe what we want to. We can see what we need to.
Just use as much careful and concrete common sense you can muster up. Use discernment. See the forest from the trees..
And don’t stretch it.
Truth is weirder than fiction, of course..still don’t stretch the truth.

But that blazing 11.. and that 9. I see it.


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