Paul Davids tells Clyde Lewis that Forest Ackerman is trying to contact people from 'the other side'

An amazing Ground Zero Radio program aired last night. Clyde Lewis interviewed writer and filmmaker Paul Davids. The topic: The potential contacts from the other side that Davids is receiving from deceased sci-fi and horror icon Forest Ackerman.
Ackerman was most famous for collecting science fiction books and memorabilia.. He was a staunch defender of the genre long before it was accepted by the rest of Hollywood and society.. He died on December 4, 2008. 
A few weeks ago, a program aired on Sci Fi called the LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT. It was created by Paul Davids as a means to explain what he said it contact from beyond the grave from Forest Ackerman..
According to Davids, he printed documents, left his home, and came back.. picking up the document, he saw nothing unusual. Davids went on to explain to Clyde Lewis last night that he came back to the document suddenly was changed while he was using the bathroom.. he said he saw black ink blocking our four specific words .. he claims the ink was still moist.. What words were crossed out? The words ‘Spoke to Joe Amodei’.. Joe Amodei distributes films. Davids said he never really spoke to Amodei.. Davids concludes that Ackerman loved puns and wordplay.. the Huffington POST article writes about what the Amodei word play may have meant:

“I had no idea why these particular words were blacked out,” Davids told The Huffington Post. “It made no sense to me until later, when I was researching Forry’s editorial style and I found lots of examples of where he blacked out words so completely. I have found 15 examples of where Forry found a name within a name or a word within a word as being a hidden word to make a pun or a point out of it.”

Lewis and Davids last night both agreed that Forest Ackerman had no true belief in an afterlife. Their recollection dictates that he doubted science fiction though he was an avid fan of it.. 
The ‘evidence’ that Davids explained to Clyde Lewis last night is being doubted by some, and heralded by others. 
It is about the greatest mystery that we all hold in common: What happens to us when we die? Anything goes or nothing shows? We don’t know.. But maybe, just maybe, if Paul Davids is correct, that we do go somewhere and perhaps have an ability to make contact from beyond this realm.. 

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