OVERKILL? Or just aggressive marketing

Fans hungry for new STAR WARS movies are going to be hit hard.. we all will be.
Starting in 2015, Disney is planning a NEW STAR WARS MOVIE every summer.. By 2019 we’d see double the STAR WARS films that exist now. And as Entertainment WEEKLY reports, they are actually hoping that the movies start their very own spinoffs that become just as popular as the original movies..

In modern entertainment, there are two important things to consider: 1) Hollywood is out of ideas, and 2) When they have a great idea they overdo it.

And that is what I predict will happen with this flawed Disney plan..
A new movie every summer?
They will market aggressively. We know that..
The originals, however, are still more popular than the newer films. Because of the cast.. and the originality of it all.
These days we’ve seen it all. And we’ll be seeing it all over and over again every year..
A little too much star wars for me.

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