News travels fast.. and travels wrong

This post is going to seem pointless.. but we are living in the 24/7 news cycle. WE are living in the information overload age.. a time when news breaks and breaks and breaks and breaks.. and Tweets and Facebooks and Instas… the socials go wild.. the Tweets get ferocious.. Live broadcasts take center stage.. Rumors go nuts. Completely and totally nuts..

And most of what we see is wrong.

Completely wrong..

The news tonight about the horrible Philadelphia police shooting and hostage situation was developing quickly throughout the night.. according to rumors published online, the hostage situation ended .. and then it didn’t end. The barricade ended. And then it didn’t end.

All of what was being reported was raw information .. in real time. For the world  to watch and see..

And does this make us any better?
Does the insta info create a more informed public?


Noit at all.

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