Obama warns: “Terror fighting tool” to expire Sunday.. the PATRIOT ACT will become a summer Sunday battle in a hot Washington DC … the battle may get hot, though. RAND PAUL is seeking a spying showdown for Sunday.. The Kentucky Senator and presidential candidate says he is not going to relent in his very public opposition to the PATRIOT ACT extension.. The summer heat will be on with all eyes on CSPAN..

A young Denny Hasert.. Teacher and wrestling coach.. And now indicted on charges he was paying off at least one person he sexually abused at the time this yearbook photo was taken.. And now the rest is history and more has yet to be added …. That strange call from Yorkville on Cspan sure makes sudden sense.
This is a young Dennis Bastard Hastert. He was a teacher and wrestling coach long before he was the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. And now he is accused by the FEDS of paying millions of dollars to kids he molested to keep them quiet.. Which could explain this peculiar phone call on CSPAN from “Bruce of Yorkville”  Secrets never stay secret Denny. No matter how many millions you spend to try. THE DAILY BEAST explores just how Denny got rich

Lightning strikes a church.. proof on video.

Bob Schieffer laments: We don’t know where people get their news. I can tell you Bob.. The DAILY SHOW, the Drudge Report, and Facebook. For better or worse, they are the main sources.. Oh, and those who attempt to be smarter than the average NET user also claim lots of info courtesy of “Wikipedia.” Again for better or worse. I agree with Bob on one thing: Local news reporting has flatlined and has become a tragic victim of the conglomerate news media tycoons who have bought out their parent companies. FOX and company own lots.. Local reporters are forced to print the positive while their communities burn. It’s a disgrace.. News reporting has become tabloid reporting.. The real hard news is being written by people on Twitter and blogs.. And that’s what has the big players angry.

Another draw Mohammed convention is taking place.. and ISIS is promising blood.. law enforcement is aware of the threats and concerns at the PHOENIX location this weekend.

NO BALLS: New President of FIFI says Americans targeted soccer because they lost out on 2022..

CERN GETS READY FOR ‘SEASON 2’ as major collision experiments set for next week. Time will now tell if the theories of CERN causing global problems will now come to fruition..

via Flickr user jingdianmeinv
MEGAN FOX may be going to law school—to film a movie.. Thumbs can’t be lawyers.

Chris Farley documentary set for this summer.. I can’t believe it has been almost 20 years since he departed this planet..

Watch the Disturbing Trailer for Rashida Jones’ Porn Documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’
NEW IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY EXPLORES HOW THE PORN INDUSTRY LURES TEENAGE GIRLS.. It’s called HOT GIRLS WANTED, and parents may want to give it a watch.. “Every day, a new girl turns 18,” says talent agent Riley in the trailer for “Hot Girls Wanted.” The “talent” Riley scouts are 18-to-21-year-old “teenyboppers,” whom he introduces to the amateur porn industry..  It’s now streaming on NETFLIX and you should potentially give it a view in between your online porn sessions. It could change the way you think of the girl pleasing you from a distance on your iPhone. She is someone’s daughter, wife or girlfriend, mother.. and you are watching her as a piece of garbage on a pixelated screen.

'The Ring', 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Friday the 13th.'
ROLLING STONE lists the ‘best and worse’ horror remakes.. Quite frankly, I typically ignore these lists only because they are wastes of time, clickporn, or recycled content from years back.  But I saw this link as I was strolling through ROLLING STONE looking for noteworthy news of the day.  But read for yourself: I completely disagree with most of the magazine’s assertions and ratings..

The new JURASSIC WORLD trailer looks more like a horror movie than a summer action film.. It looks like a perfect modern monster film, though.. I am excited about this movie, more than any since the original back in the early 1990s when my childhood was transformed by dinosaurs in a big screen.


THE HORROR REPORT has written extensively about CHARLIE CHARLIE … and the challenge has only amplified further.. MTV writes about how Twitter is freaking out about the viral game.. And get this: Justin Bieber fans and One Direction fans seem to be the biggest CHARLIE CHARLIE players..

People are suddenly looking for ways to banish the CHARLIE CHARLIE game from their social media newsfeeds..

A chaotic mess in Houston has developed with flooding rains.. At this point, many of the city’s roads are completely impassable..
A relentless wall of water reported..

Baltimore just had a bloody Memorial Day with shootings..
And Chicago too!

There is troubling news from the Middle East.. Syrian regime strikes against ISIS in and around the ancient city of Palmyra have failed to halt their advance towards Damascus.. 

Strangers passing nearby a protest against GMO food believe that Monsanto is a carpet cleaning company.

Hyundai about to evolve big time: ANDROID AUTO is coming..

The pointless concern: Caring about how much your favorite movie made at the box office..

Intense Brightness of Spots on Ceres Is Due To Reflection of Sunlight, say Scien
Scientists conclude: The bright lights on CERES are from reflection of sunlight.. One scientific report says that the reason the lights don’t appear to shrink is due to stellar parallax.. Or as I believe: An alien mini-mall in the middle of the galaxy. With a Target.

Moley Robotics' automated kitchen cooks for attendees at CES Asia in Shanghai. Photo: AFP
Service works take note: The future is coming for you.. it’s about to eat up your professions just as quickly as it did manufacturing. The case in point is this news story about the world’s first ‘robot kitchen cook,’ one so good that it can cook up to 2000 dishes. And this is just the infancy of the future of how your food is made.. At first the ‘cook’ is being marketed to individuals in homes, people who don’t have the time or desire to cook their own meals. But everything is eventual. It will also move to fast food.. and gourmet fare.. Believe me, the fights right now about fast food workers demanding a higher minimum wage will look ludicrous when there are no fast food workers left, when they have been fully replaced by machines. I sense that day is coming faster than what people realize.. And it all starts with the machine chef that could cook 2000 meals (and counting) with ease..

The earthquake facts behind the SAN ANDREAS movie.. And one major fact to point out: Unlike the film, the San Andreas can’t spawn tsunamis..

Ghost tales: A paranormal investigator writes about her experience at the famed Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania..

Ghost hunting becomes a widely performed hobby..

Embedded image permalink
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan have mini BUFFY reunion..

Bad Milo
A list of the 20 horror movie gems that exist on NETFLIX.. Usually I don’t link up these list because they are typically click porn–but the list presented here all are great flicks worth attention and viewing.. BAD MILO, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL are two of my favorites..

Besties: Oliver and Heather were more than co-stars. They were so close they stayed friends after the film wrapped and saw each other frequently. She was devastated when 
Marketing 101: Sell a remake with tales and intrigue of the original series. That was being done by the makers of the POLTERGEIST redo, but with a fourth place finish at the box office it may have all been done in vain.. regardless of that, the story of terror from the original POLTERGEIST film has always fascinated me—-it has been called the most haunted film of all time. Possibly the most cursed. That assertion came after the movie left in its wake a 12-year-old star dead of cardiac arrest, another strangled, and another killed with an ax. The UK DAILY MAIL does its part in awarding the original POLTERGEIST film as the most cursed in movie history, and they write an in depth article that goes into the strange events surrounding the stars from the movie. There are two parts of the DAILY MAIL story that intrigued me more than the supposed curse. First, Stephen Spielberg was very afraid of clowns. As am I, and many others.. I have always felt there to be something dastardly about clowns and their atrocious death face smiles.. And second: The scene in POLTERGEIST where the family was floating in the muddy pool-to-be with skeletons actually featured real bones from dead bodies.. Hair and other traits were added to the remains, but the skeletons were real .. BLOODY DISGUSTING wrote about that in 2012 when they said that Hollywood today, less renegade than the early 80s, would never do such a thing. I agree.. And probably, really, it’s a good thing that bodies will not be desecrated  for profit. By the way, when the original film was made, it was cheaper to get real remains than fake ones. Think about that concept for a while.

A young boy walks along the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial the day before Memorial Day in Washington, DC, USA, 24 May 2015. Sunday is the traditional Rolling Thunder XXVIII First Amendment Demonstration Motorcycle Run. The annual gathering first started in 1988. The riders who come from around the United States and other countries rally at the Pentagon parking and then ride through the spectator lined streets of Washington, D.C. (Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/PETE MAROVICH
* * *

MEMORIAL DAY 15: American civilians and the military are increasingly divided..

Department of Public Safety Trooper Marcus Gonzales walks on the Highway 12 bridge over the Blanco River which was blocked by large trees after flooding in Wimberly, Texas, United States May 24, 2015. REUTERS/Jay Janner/American-Statesman
Deadly flooding in Texas and Oklahoma..

An Indian man takes bath under the tap of a water tanker on a hot day in Ahmadabad, India, Thursday, May 21, 2015
Hundreds are dying as a blistering heat wave is sweeping across India..
The ‘natural disaster no one gives a damn about’
Temperatures have risen to near 120 degrees.. over 500 have been reported dead so far with the biggest impact of the heat wave hitting people age 50 and over who are working directly in the sun..

Protesters planting coconut trees in Hawaii to protest Monsanto..

Malaysia finds evidence of human trafficking camps.. at least 139 graves at “cruel” locations unearthed..

Beijing says that the United States is threatening peace due to spy plane in South China Sea.. The Chinese navy issued warnings to the U.S. Navy jet eight times during the flight, telling it to leave the area..

GOD IS GOOD: The Vatican bank said Monday its profit soared by more than 20 times last year as it recovered from a trading loss and continued its reform process away from its scandal-marred past.. GOD IS GREAT..

The article reads that Google patents ‘creepy toys’ that interact with children.. While I may agree with the headline, I note that the creepy today is the normal tomorrow.. This will become a Christmas gift eventually in some modern future and the BRAVE NEW WORLD will continue to take hold..

Read it and be scared: A large number of Americans surveyed believe that it’s time here in the free US of A that we completely abandon all Amendments of the Constiution fully. Well maybe not that.. but they believe it’s time we criminialize ‘hate speech.’

Duggar Family official FB page
Allegations that Josh Duggar molested women rose online in 2007 when someone named ‘Alice’ went to the net to expose the truth.. GAWKER wrote the original article being quoted by a number of others about Alice.. also GAWKER comments that the NET knew about Duggar for years, but when did TLC find out?  
The comments from “Alice” on that message board still exists, too.. Filed May 2007.. It’s not May 2015. Amazing to go back in history and re-read what was written, as you can do right here..

How to create a family friendly horror movie..

Robert Kirkman confirms AUGUST FEAR THE WALKING DEAD premiere..

John Nash dies in taxi accident.. was the subject of BEAUTIFUL MIND..

MEMORIAL DAY BOX bombs!! The weekend has gone cold for film.. Usually a huge summer blockbuster gets released around this time of the year, and this year is even worse than 2010’s Memorial Day box.. gone are those amazining SPIDERMAN weekends.. Here is TOMORROWLAND with only $40 mil, PITCH PERFECT barely at $38 mil.. POLTERGIEST flops big time with a fourth place finish only eating up $27 mil of Americans’ money.. Not even last week’s hit MAD MAX could muster up more than $30 mil for the four day weekend.. My thoughts: There was something pretty amazing in some large areas of the United States this weekend, something not seen often in this nation: A blue sky, perfect in appearance without a chemtrail in sight.. A nice summer breeze .. a largely amazing and breathtaking sight to behold. Maybe people decided that this Memorial Day, they’d get back to nature.. or maybe the crop of crap that was released in box offices Memorial Day 2015 was just not that great.. . . People will wait until the ROCK saves California as it is dissolved by a monster quake, or when dinosaurs break loose and terrorize innocent park patrons. That’s when the real movie season will begin.

FRIDAY MAY 22 2015

Quadruple murder suspect has been caught along with four associates..  Darren Wint was apprehended in the nation’s capitol.. “Just got him,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said shortly before 11:30 p.m. Thursday night..

Omaha police officer killed–she was just HOURS away from maternity leave..
  Officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, was scheduled to go on maternity leave Thursday to take care of her daughter, Olivia Ruth, born premature in February, according to authorities. Orozco was a 7-year veteran of the department and had worked in the North Gang Suppression Squad since 2012… Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmanderer said Orozco and other officers were in pursuit of 26-year-old Marcus D. Wheeler when Wheeler began shooting at police. Police returned gunfire, hitting Wheeler..

Workers remove grass from the sprawling lawn at Arcadia city councilman Tom Beck's home.
Southern California, heavily hit by the epic drought of the 21st century, is saying goodbye to their rollup lawns..People have mixed emotions as they watch their amazingly green grass get rolled up and taken away.. A new turf in town as the drought drowns the state of California..

Why you should always find at least three sources for every online rumor you hear.. TMZ had a scoop about a standout football player in Harrisburg Pa. They reported that Adrian Robinson was shot and killed in his hometown. The only trouble was that he was not. He died after a suicide,  a painful and private ordeal for the family.. TMZ blamed “Harrisberg police” … the “Harrisburg” police denied the TMZ accusation..  The world of tabloids, where anyone can claim an exclusive no matter how right or wrong it is..

A China sinkhole has developed its own ecosystem! The world is an amazing place that can make lemons into lemonade..

The ROSWELL slides updated: Whitley Strieber’s DREAMLAND is on the case of the strange looking photos that were presented at a public conference in Mexico days ago. Those pictures has caused lots of debate–are they real? Are they frauds? Strieber reports that Linda Moulten Howe is attempting to determine where the actual bodies are and has uncovered a better photograph of the being, or whatever it may be.. The program Strieber did on this subject matter is being presented free to the public, he called it the ‘most astonishing’ Dreamland he has ever done..

This may shock you if you’re a GM car owner (as I am) . The company claims that you don’t own your car.. instead, you’re just renting it, leasing it.. borrowing. The argument comes down to whether people can crack the code of their car computer and repair things themselves… GM says they don’t have the right to. The copyright claim is undoubtedly going to to through a legal process. If GM wins, your purchase of your car will simply be a licensing agreement. A whole new world..

JW Rowling horrified by the class of HARRY POTTER member Matthew Lewis after a revealing photo shoot is published.. Lewis showed off his HOGWARTS in the June issue..

VICE writes: The technology that transhumanists want their children to be machines.. 

Glaciers are melting faster than previously predicted or currently thought.

The net loves cats. But meoowww-over. Dogs were friends of humans long before previously thought..

People who ate raw tuna in a number of states now sick..

When true ‘reality’ rears its ugly head.. Reality TV ‘star’ Josh Duggar has been forced into a very uncomfortable position.. reports surfaced only days ago that the 19 KIDS AND COUNTING star–a man who decries birth control and thinks kids should follow strict rules in a house–that he molested someone 12 years ago. Duggar has now resigned from the FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL (bet they are proud to have hosted his name on their paperwork for a while) … The network isn’t commenting yet, even though Duggar on Facebook is and his parents are in media.  The claim: He molested five girls, including family… The price of fame is often misfortune. 19 times over, at times.. And counting.

Aaron Hernandez already building a prison network..
 He has a new gang tattoo. And was involved with a brawl..

An 11-year-old graduates from college with a 4.0 GPA and 3 degrees. And wants to be president. I say let’s change the Constitution NOW.. If you look at the set of candidates that will be greeting us in 2016, this 11-year-old suddenly seems the best choice to me.

Hackers have reportedly leaked onto the web highly sensitive sexual information of nearly 4 million users registered on leading dating site Adult FriendFinder, which claims to cater for up to 63 million people worldwide. Even members who aren’t members anymore and deleted their profiles have been faced with exposure of their members’ preferences..

NASA captures a new photo of those amazing lights on CERES.. The closer we get the more amazing they look.. and the more mysterious I find them. The current thought is that they are ice, but I am still contemplating the chances they are amazing little cities on the small dot between Mars and Jupiter.. At this point, scientists and experts have no possible clue as to what the bright lights on our friend in the sky are.. The entire thing is amazing, utterly amazing. Maybe the final result will be dull as an old butterknife, but the run up to whatever scientific discovery yet to be made on Ceres is a bright spot of our current space world..

A very NATURAL atmospheric condition caused fear in Mexico.. A large halo appeared around the sun. Undoubtedly a lot of people looked at it longer than they should have as the word spread about the strange site.. People suddenly became alarmed, some proclaimed an alien invasion was imminent, others prepared for the rapture that never ruptured after the halo gained attention.. But in reality, such halos appear when sunlights passes through ice crystals and bends the light.. OR .. that’s just what THEY want us to believe…

Removal of stage set from, Late Show David Letterman Ed Sullivan Theatre in midtown. (Provided Photo/New York Post)
CBS trashes David Letterman set..

The POLTERGEIST remake is released today.. And while some horror fans may be enthusiastic about the prospects of the classic film, modernized, being in theaters, others are decrying a lack of imagination, and over abundant use of CGI, and a sloppy uninspired mess of a movie.. You can find the reviews yourself–the review roundup on ROTTEN TOMATOES isn’t pretty, with the film scoring less than half positive press with writers..  Horror site BLOODY DISGUSTING checked in with its own review of the movie, with the site lamenting the overuse of special effects, the acting that just doesn’t seem to be convincing, and a climax of themovie suffering from what Kalyn Corrigan called fake-looking spirits.. The movie, it can be said, doesn’t prove itself when compared to the classic from the early 1980s.. I frankly still can’t understand why this movie was picked from the litter of horror films as the target for a re-do. There was almost no need, perhaps less of a need than even Rob Zombie’s messups of the HALLOWEEN films. POLTERGEIST, circa 1982, is a movie about family, love, spirits, death, mystery, and illusion. The modern fare seems more bent on cheap scares and lousy special effects that don’t do anything but give a jump or two in a movie theater. Certainly no long-lasting nostalgia will be created by this remake.. Poorly done, from the reviews I have read, and perhaps something not at all worth it in theaters..


Space probe spots 'Stonehenge' standing stones on passing comet

Space probe picks up something mighty interesting on camera: Could this be a comet version of Stonehenge?Rosetta was able to capture an image of what appears to be standing stones on a comet moving through space.. One of the rocks – a huge boulder with a diameter of around 90 feet – appears to be balanced precariously on the comet’s surface. Scientists admit that the information is not yet clear as to how the stones formed in their positions but believe it was due to the transport process on the surface. But the scientific theory hasn’t quelled the most lively of speculators who are pondering the possibilities that the stones were purposely arranged there..  Admittedly, the on-purpose theory is much more fun than the other option..

A ‘pay per mile’ fee has been long speculated about by those with tightly worn tin foil hats. But as most ‘conspiracies’ go, they come to fruition eventually in our world of reality based science fiction.. Such as this: Oregon is considering ditching the gas tax and imposing a pay per mile idea instead..  Initially, though, it may actually work out quite well and be a tax break for many..

The hunt for the parallel universe: CERN boosts data intelligence.. It feels like something big is about to be discovered.. Something big.

Reuters / Stefan Wermuth
HISTORY and disgusting:  Over 1400 individuals are under investigation by British police as part of the ongoing inquiry into numerous alleged historic VIP sex abuse network thought to include celebrities and politicians
. Information released by Operation Hydrant, the group of police officers tackling the alleged ring, said that the 1,433 suspected offenders included 76 politicians, 43 musicians, and 135 from film, television and radio…

The Coast Guard and California officials are working to clean up 21,000 gallons of spilled oil after a pipeline ruptured off the Californian coast.

Focus area for MH370 expanded in search..

FBI wants Florida high school about ISIS recruiting..

Geologist blames earthquakes in Dallas on fault lines..

Fight breaks out near Ground Zero in NYC: $30 a hot dog!?

CHINA plans mission to the dark side of the moon.. Cue the Pink Floyd soundtrack as they go where no nation (we are told at least) has gone before. Maybe they will get there and discover a treasure trove in abandoned moon bases! If so, we have time to clean up the evidence. The dark side moon launch doesn’t happen until 2020…

Tennessee family accused of spending $187M raised for cancer charities on themselves

The star is struck: Promotion stars for summer disaster flick SAN ANDREAS..

 Inked: New photos form the set of Suicide Squad reveal Jared Leto's Joker WILL have those tattoos
JARED LETO as the Joker fully revealed.. These are photos from the TORONTO set of the SUICIDE SQUAD filming.  While the NET may have gone crazy when David Ayer revealed the cast of the SUICIDE SQUAD–minus LETO–it’s the JOKER attire that most have long awaited. And now the these photos may wet the appetite of fans who have been waiting patiently for any leaked (or purposely leaked) photos of the new JOKER of the modern age..

BILL MURRAY gives David Letterman a sendoff to remember..

TIME magazine writes: David Letterman was the LAST pre-internet star..
  And I agree with that premise. I wrote a special post last night concerning this very subject and why David Letterman mattered in my life, and why I think him leaving matters quite a bit for society and pop culture..

Peppa Pig (pictured with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and little brother George) has smashed the billion dollar sales barrier with her, already impressive, empire set to double within the next five years
PEPPA PIG smashes records!! The kids love the hog..Smashes the billion dollar mark.. . My son, age 4, has seen the program, and while he doesn’t request it, he will quietly watch it when it’s on..   Five minute programs about a family with one pig that enjoys jumping in puddles? The makers didn’t know  it would be this much of a success and quite frankly, how could they have? It was created in 2004 in the UK.. the same place that gave us quirky comedy with MONTY PYTHON and amazing DR WHO shows also gives us pigs with sidewalks snouts who have overly dull existences and never raise their voices.. And the kids, these days, just love it. If I have to theorize as to why, I would say this: We have complicated kids’ lives with technology and gadgets. Maybe this low key simple show that eliminates flashy animation is exactly what the child’s mind needs. Something kind and peaceful. Something that doesn’t inspire seizures, violence, rage, or hate. Just a pig that likes jumping in puddles.


LOS ANGELES lifts its minimum wage to $15!

Students FORCED to undergo transvaginal exams in class while teacher made bizarre comments..

Shoppers spending LESS money. Even at WALMART..

IT FOLLOWS to Blu-Ray/DVD in July..

How to buy (if you want to) and sell (you probably want to) a haunted property..

SUNDAY MAY 17 2015

Speed controls have been installed on ‘dead man’s curve,’ the crash site in Philadelphia.. But that may only be a part of the story.. There is still intrigue swirling not only around the engineer of the train, but also the eyewitnesses and visual evidence that something really big and fast hit the train prior to it crashing..  There are even rumors that two projectiles hit the train around the same time..

A long look back: Who created ISIS? That question has suddenly became a campaign issue for Jeb Bush. But it is also an American issue–a question that should be answered with some thorough facts. NEW YORK attempts to begin putting the puzzle together–though it neglects to talk about weapons that the United States, under Obama, was pouring into to the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria and Libya. The world has played chess for quite some time in the Middle East.

FBI and Homeland Security Respond to Shocking Goatse Bomb in Atlanta
The FBI and Homeland Security (really?) are responding to a shocking goatse photo bomb in ATLANTA..
 The photograph is sickening. If you’d like the full effect and not the blurred version, follow the links through to IMGUR and REDDIT where you can see the picture in full glory. And it is horrifying. But for top agencies to be on the case? That’s where the overkill question certainly needs to come in. Meanwhile, prayer for Goatse.

A flashback, since it seems appropriate for those new to memes and especially hardcore disgusting ones: In 2013, GAWKER was on the case and tracked down Kirk Johnson, the man who is responsible for the disturbing Goatse meme.. There’s some good Sunday reading if you need it.

Massive tornado outbreak yesterday from Texas to Minnesota.. 19 tornadoes touched down, according to weather forecasters.. South Texas has been getting a drought. Now heavy rain caused sinkholes and dramatic flooding..

Watch: A tornado forms near a rainbow..

Ice Shelf
Antarctic ice shelf is predicted to be gone by 2020!
 The prediction is dramatic.. and earth changing in nature if it occurs.  The ice shelf that is being referred to: Larsen B..  Scientists say they are surprised at how quickly things are happening now.

Federal officials say that a hacker was able to commandeer a passenger airline!

The Large Hadron Collider, now fired up and colliding with energy, have observed a rare and new decay of the Bs particle.. It is a previously unseen subatomic process that only occurs about four times out of a billion, an advance that may help explain the imbalance of matter and antimatter in the universe..

Early humans had gender equality Photo Credit: Google Images
New science now revealed: Early humans, we are told by leading anthropologists, had general equality.
  A research study concludes that for most of the evolutionary history of human, both genders had equal footing in the chaotic game of life.. MORE: Mark Dyble, the leading anthropologist on the study at University College London, said: “There is still this wider perception that hunter-gatherers are more macho or male-dominated. We’d argue it was only with the emergence of agriculture, when people could start to accumulate resources, that inequality emerged.”..

Signs of shifting ground in Hawaii — and that could mean a new eruption if coming on the Big Island..

Next time you restlessly try to catch a fruit fly floating around your kitchen (and good luck trying) consider this:Caltech has released results of a study in which they conclude, in certain circumstances, fruit fly exhibit emotions! From creepy shadows to even the person chasing the fly, there may be an emotional surge of fear.. Food for thought as your flies feast..

Charlie Dimmock eat your heart out! Copyright: [Instagram]
This is the outfit that Lindsey Logan chose to wear while she was performing community service. Fashion police online have swarmed in to offer ruthless tirades of brutal criticism … I am uncomfortable about the picture for this reason–not her outfit–but the fact that it was taken at a women’s shelter and posted online. Sometimes, even in the Internet world, private things should stay private, LILO..

Nazi Hamsters. 50 Foot Hitlers. Read all about the deleted WIKIPEDIA articles you can’t find.

New information revealed shows that UK police were worried about alien attacks at the turn of the millennium.. 


ISIS slaughters again: 71 Christians brutally killed in a trench..
Major massacre..

Official initially downplayed the chances that a projectile was the cause of the Philadelphia Amtrak crash days ago, but now the FBI is investigating the possibilities that such an event did have a role in what occurred..

Tsarnaev sentenced to death..


Earthquake rattles Michigan..

Small quake wakes up LA..

ISIS claims credit for deadly car bomb..

With the drought ruining the state, California is about to become a different place, says the New York TIMES.. So will America..

120 year old magazines raise some intrigue.. did the Victorians find life on Mars!?

Iowa BIRD FLU prompts Governor to declare a state of emergency.. Four new farms have tested positive. Minnesota and Wisconsin did it, now Iowa joins in the expanding issue..


Dead zones recorded in the Atlantic..

Underwater volcano erupts off Oregon coast..

WALKING DEAD star says sorry after weird NYC subway rant.. Chad Coleman blamed his three-minute rant Friday on “built-up frustration” caused by Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore — and insisted he wasn’t drunk.. he was screaming at passengers..

Classic Ninja Turtles character remade for new film.. I am beginning to get pretty excited about this..

Avengers Age of Ultron
AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON scores big numbers // Cumulative $340 mil.. globally $425..

DAVID LETTERMAN SPECIAL to air Monday May 4.. the show is targeted to new fans–those who have no clue as to how David Letterman remade TV forever..

17 years later, JK Rowling says sorry for killing off HARRY POTTER character..  This brings up a thought. I have always wondered if authors become glued to their characters that the create, almost with a parental duty to keep them safe. And likewise, when they kill them off, do they face some sort of never ending guilt about the consequences of creating a life and then ending it?


Six Baltimore police charged with homicide.. For now, this decision has quelled the anger and seemingly united a city .. The police union calls for Prosecutor to step aside..

The Pope has developed a habit of often phoning people who write him letters. One man, not convinced Francis was the real deal, hung up on his twice..

Russia conducted nuclear bomber flight NEAR ALASKA..

Dog infects a HUMAN with plague for the first time..

Wildfire near CHERNOBYL! “Everything is safe” they say..

The amazing brain: How we learn quickly..

Site of the deadliest Native American massacre in Idaho revealed..

The story of the Enfield Poltergeist: It plagued a house in North London..  I am also amazed with how often paranormal stories are beginning to be seen in modern mainstream media. The barrier has been broken. Sex sells. So do UFOs and ghosts.

3D printing to boom by 2020.. Everything you buy and know will change in only a matter of years..

Megan Fox brings the 1999 school girl look back..

Casey Jones’ look revealed for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2..

David Letterman’s final month.. President Obama to make an appearance.. 

The end of an era: The MDA telethon is over..

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