BELOW THE FOLD FOR THURSDAY MARCH 26 2015Dramatic news today as it is revealed that Flight 9525 was taken down on purpose..
The co-pilot identified..
There are no known terror links..
He was praised by the FAA for flying skills..

The future is now.. robots are replacing human beings in most lines of work. The service industry and manufacturing base is collapsing.. Even actors may be replaced by digital versions.. And now this: Goodbye guide dogs.. Robots on reins about to take their work..

I have a bad feeling about this.. 95 MPH roller coaster introduced to the world..

Massive torndaoes hit Tulsa..

Former EWTN priest host in custody for abuse..

Google may be planning something big for your brain! A microchip to heal the world!? I have said many times, for better or worse, that this is the future: The phone will trend to implantable devices. We will become one with the internet, and become it, giving it life.. we will also have the ability to search our body for the problems… if we are sick, we can perform a search and find the ailment. Eventually we will be able to print new organs. This is all coming faster than expected–as outlandish as it sounds, it really is not science fiction. The true question: Will the rich keep the spoils for themselves or allow some goodness to spill out? Or will human beings, for the most part, ruin the goodness that all of this will bring by perverted it with power, greed, gluttony, and murder?

This is something that people have been saying for years–and with autism in my family, I have seen it too.. Now a study is coming out to document what many parents (often called crazy) have been saying: Autism is tied to higher gut disorders for children.. Compared to those with typical development, children with autism were more likely to have constipation and diarrhea when they were ages 6 months to 18 months, and more likely to have diarrhea, constipation and food allergy/intolerance when they were ages 18 months to 36 months, the researchers said… And just to spice up the argument and tension a bit: Common infant vaccines are tied to rise in risk for bowel complications..

Melting Greenland ice shelf is slowing the Gulf Stream.. This is one of the ironic twists that occur with global warming.. a slower Gulf Stream.. a colder Europe..

She’s just being Miley: Cyrus Instagrams her wisdom teeth.. I sense there was a lack of wisdom in her. Now I can tell it’s all gone for sure..

Two termite species have fallen in love.. and now they’ve given birth to a super termite.. Lots of homeowner anger to follow this birth..

LEGO MOVIE recut as horror..

Classic horror movie posters becoming animated on REDDIT..



Brad Miska got exclusive story on BLOODY-DISGUSTING before Variety reported..


Pope Francis to visit the UN on September 25..

The day after Tunisia attack, new fears that ISIS is quickly expanding its reach..

Spectacular sights seen after solar storm blankets the North Pole with Northern Lights..

Did a mega-pastor hijack the ‘blood moon theory’?

It begins! FAA permits Amazon drones!

The DRIVERLESS car era has begun..

The future is now: Could wearable devices end up being dangerous?

Lots of places were warm this winter. Except the East Coast of the United States..

Mysterious afflicts hits arctic polar bears..

What will happen to the food supply if the California drought continues?

TB infects 27 at Kansas high school!

Cops beat university student and honor committee member |
Now protests..

Dynel Lane
Craigslist horror: Attacker cuts baby from woman’s womb.. Held on $2 mil bond.. one caveat: ““Under Colorado law, essentially, there’s no way murder charges can be brought if it’s not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time,” Garnett said during the media conference. “I don’t know yet whether that can be established, what our facts are here.””

FILE - In this March 14, 2015 file photo, honoree Justin Bieber arrives at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif. Bieber's former neighbors Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz sued the pop singer in Los Angeles on Thursday March 19, 2015, claiming he spit on Jeffrey Schwartz during a dispute in March 2013 and caused emotional distress with loud parties and unsafe driving in their neighborhood.
Justin Bieber, (who is going for a Teen Wolf look) is being sued by his former neighbor for assault.



Somehow I completely missed this–the strange part is I was even walking the HORROR REPORT family dog Mutley around the very time that the fireball and subsequent explosion were reported.. Perhaps it was muted. But that red spot is nearly right over the very area I live, so the surprise for me is not hearing a thing.

Apparently lots of others did–the AMS website is busy with reports..

2015/03/07 09:50  Finally someone is as upset about the teacher going to jail for showing a horror movie as I was..

ADAM ROCKOFF in the DAILY BEAST wrote about the ABCS OF DEATH case, and the jailtime for Sheila Kearns for showing the movie to a class.. He wrote, in part:

Substitute teacher Sheila Kearns did a very stupid thing when she showed a horror movie to a Columbus, Ohio high school class. But she doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

And this:

Kearns showed abysmal judgment—although she maintained throughout her trial she was unaware of the film’s content. She should never be allowed near a classroom again. But jail? These were high schoolers. Not kindergarteners.

I am in full agreement and have written countless stories on my website concerning this case, and the bizarre chastisement of this woman as some sort of modern day witch. I wonder if her race had something to do with it..

There is a point of ridiculousness too. Chances are most of the students in the class already saw the ABCS OF DEATH–and if they did they would realize it wasn’t even that great of a movie, even the lower forms of people who live and breathe snuff films were not overly excited about this or even the sequel..

Rockoff writes more,

More disturbing than the draconian sentence is the law under which Kearns was prosecuted. Her crime falls under an umbrella of moral codes known colloquially as “obscenity laws.” And while they might seem like a relic from a time when rock and roll was the devil’s music, they’re still on the books in almost every state in the Union.

I am glad, truly glad, that someone besides me is 1) paying attention to this story and 2) upset by the insanity of putting a woman in prison for something that, under all scenarioes, isn’t a crime..


The discussion of milk came up in my family–we are all sort of strange in a sense.. But the question presented: How long have humans been drinking cow milk?  Google goes a far way in settling disputes in our age., About 7500 years, according to scientific estimates.  It started in Europe. And it probably is mostly bad that we still do it. Right? Or so some say. And others don’t.. You decide.

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