A woman in Phoenix may have exposed almost 200 children to measles..

Andrew Sullivan quits blogging..

Several notable earthquakes today around the world..

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf plans to ban NEW fracking in state parks and forests.. It will be done by executive order.

Bill Gates the latest in a line of techcentric people who worry that artificial intelligence is a threat.. Gates said “A few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern. I agree with Elon Musk and some others on this and don’t understand why some people are not concerned.”

Astronomers find a solar system almost double ours in age..
Five new planets…


THE GREAT BUST OF 2015! The blizzard fizzle..  The storm, though large for some, failed to live up to the predictions some said.. The Weather Channel went wall-to-wall on coverage for the storm they called Juno.. other networks had their reporters out ready with yardsticks..but each time they did a live report, the snow was vacant and the streets were covered in a simple slushy mess.. Parts of Long Island had a long duration wind storm, and Boston seemed to be the hardest hit of the big cities when speaking of snow totals.. But 6000+ flights later, you sure wonder if the threat was big or if the hype simply took over .. After all, forecasters have to pick now from dozens of computer models where as, in those ancient days of the 20th century, they’d get guidance from a model and forecast it themselves. There was science then. Now there’s computer runs… The runs tell the tale correctly: There was a storm on a certain date. They can pinpoint patterns and systems.. but forecasters need to begin doing their jobs again and picking a model for guidance and coming up with their own story.. One forecaster even Tweeted an apology to policy makers in big cities over the forecast being so wrong.
While the major metropolitan areas–with people well-stocked with bread, milk, and liquor–were spared, the real blizzard will take place but not in the big cities.. Maine and Nova Scotia will be getting hit hard.. But will the media care? Will they report? Will they decide?
The bust was a gust,
But hype they must!
Fear gets ratings.
And empty store shelves..
Stock boys must be hating.

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The Lizard Squid took down Malaysian airlines this weekend.. And last night they took down Facebook and Instagram.. However, Facebook denies the attack took place but a major outage did take place//

A missing 23-year-old college male was last seen in downtown city in Wisconsin after partying with friends..
 Perhaps someone needs to check watery places.. this seems to line up, so far, with all of the other young male college students who vanish after partying with friends..

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While the panic ensued and bread and milk vanished from store shelves about the blizzard that turned into the fizzard, there was something mightily amazing happening well above our heads in outer space.. There was a frighteningly close  shave experienced by the planet Earth. On Monday, asteroid 2004 BL86 was traveling at 35,000 miles .. it passed around 3.1 times the distance of the Earth to the moon. And when it did, there was quite an amazing sight: The asteroid HAS ITS OWN MOON!
This asteroid was discovered in 2004.. the passby it had yesterday was the closest it will be until 2027..This asteroid was so big, obviously, that a moon was gravitated in for the wild ride..
The other obvious aspect of this story: This was exceptionally close.. at least we knew about it since 2004.. If it would have now–or does in 2027–it would be equal to several Hiroshima bombs.. It would be a mass extinction event.. But last night we were safe. Instead we panicked in big cities and bought every crumb of bread and ounce of milk that stores had..
At some point we need to realize that the real threat–and yet ironically the place we should be trying to reach–is space. This one let us live. But it’s the other asteroids floating and whirling in space that we don’t know about which keeps people awake at night..

The super rich plan  their escape route.. if the people rise up, panicked super wealthy people already put their plans in motion to avoid; They are buying up their own airstrips and will escape to private islands of safety.


Three feet of snow in places and hurricane force winds expected with the Blizzard of 2015.. The storm is historic –it may shatter records for snowfall in some major cities. The Drudge Report has been blasting old images of lovers in New York City parks surrounded by snow.. those scenes may play out again in our new age. The part of this which may be the most historic of all: 28 million people are in blizzard warnings and another 11 million are in winter storm warnings and advisories.. this is a widespread monster. And it is the kind that has not been seen for decades–some people in the area will be experiencing a monster snowstorm like this for the first time in their lives, as they were not present no this planet in 1993 and 1996..

Another point of chaos with the upcoming blizzard: Flight cancellations and delays. And lots of them.. Airlines were preparing to shut down operations along the East Coast late Sunday, leading to the cancellation of approximately 3,000 flights at this time.. That’s a lot.

Long road ahead: Buyers flooded this Upper East Side store to get their supplies

Blizzard Of 1888
A moment captured in time.. as we prep and shop for every last loaf of bread across the Northeast, perspective is key. Here’s some images of a storm past. Namely the great blizzard of 1888.. While  I was alive for 93, 96, 03, and 07’s massive blasts, I surely wasn’t present for the 1888 monster–at least not in my current human form. And neither were you.. but the images are striking, and somewhat haunting. The one I chose to push through with the link for this story shows people silently staring at the camera as they attempted to slowly dig out of the monster that befell them.. Amazing images indeed. I trust within the coming days we will see even more amazing images–but modern and new as the blizzard of 2015 descends on 30+ million people strong.

The Secret Service has recovered a ‘device’ near the White House lawn–a drone! A security permiter has been set up but spokesman Josh Earnest said that he drone posed no threat to the life or limb of anyone inside or the building itself..
But a drone found near the White House lawn? With the drones of the future dominating our skies, lots of weird accidents and purposely landings will be happening..

More creepy prophecy of the popes lite news being circulated in Catholic fishwrappers.. If you’ve read NIGHT TERROR NEWS you know my amusement with this prophetic theory but also my creepy fears that maybe it has some truth.. a story published in entertains this premise: The Pope is in such a rush now during life because he fears that Armageddon is on the way.. John Allen Jr writes, “Monday’s comment about “Lord of the World” suggest his reply might boil down to: “Yes, Virginia, there’s a devil, an anti-Christ, and an end time … and if we want to avoid the worst of it, we’d better get cracking.”

Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper
AMERICAN SNIPER is quickly on its way to becoming the number one war-themed North American release of all time..
 And don’t think for a second this would not have happened without all of the critics and others who disliked the life of Chris Kyle.. perhaps Clint Eastwood can thank Michael Moore more than anyone else for making this film a hit. It became a cult classic among conservatives already and a movie easily able to be loathed by those who were anti war or still angry at the Bush Administration’s eight years of battle lines and war drums..

Republican party presidential hopefuls grovel and sniff the rear speak at billionaire Koch’s retreat..

New Miss Universe from Columbia..

Growing kidneys in rats sparks an ethical debate.. The research shows that it is feasible to remove a kidney from an aborted human fetus, and implant the organ into a rat, where the kidney can grow to a larger size.. They say the goal is to end the human donor shortage by growing human organs in animals. But until then you need abortion to keep strong as a fuel to this vehicle of supposed medical promise. Another question is whether it is acceptable to use human fetal organs in research, or to transplant human organs into animals..  There’s a whole bunch of moral discomfort with this–for people who are anti-abortion and I’d bet even those who are pro… but progress, dear Watson. Progress..

Dwindling group marks 70 years since Auschwitz.. 

Screenshot from
The website of the troubled Malaysia Airlines has sustained an attack by the Lizard Squad – a group allegedly aligning itself with ISIS. “Hacked by Cyber Caliphate” appears on the homepage underneath a picture of a well-dressed lizard in a top hat

Dutchsince weighs in on the mystery booms taking place along the East Coast. He says / no / planetx.. instead it’s excessive craton pressure showing..


OPERATIONAL MODELS ARE A GO..A MAJOR BLIZZARD IS ABOUT HIT THE NORTHEAST..This could be impressive and historic.. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
There are chances that by Tuesday parts of Jersey, New York, Boston, and others cities along the seaboard will be measuring the snow with a yard stick..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
ACCUWEATHER has information..  This from the site:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Travel disruptions due to the snow should be anticipated as early as the Monday morning commute around Philadelphia and New York City.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
The snow is expected to expand and intensify across New England throughout Monday and Monday night, pushing into Canada during the day on Tuesday.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
"The worst conditions in eastern New England can be expected late Monday night through Tuesday morning," said Meteorologist Ben Noll.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Noll continued by saying that blizzard conditions will occur during this time.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>As said by others, the time to prepare is now.. not just bread and milk, but enough batteries to withstand a major power outage.. The grid just ain’t what it used to be..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
This is developing winter storm poised to begin tonight and last through Monday January 26.. be aware ..
A major blizzard setting up for the East Coast.. major snow totals expected from Washington DC through Boston.. Developing..
The latest weather alerts from the NOAA..
Possible blizzard.  The Weather Channel names it Juno..
WEATHERBOY WEATHER makes its call..
Historic and significant blizzard in the making..

A deep earthquake has hit Asthenosphere below Japan near the Nishinoshima volcano–which is forming a new island.. Dutchsince says it’s time to prepare on the other side of the planet for reverberations.. 

BOKO HARAM has attacked a key city in Nigeria.. heavy fighting is underway.. This is hours ahead of John Kerry’s arrival..  MORE: Boko Haram militants have launched an assault on the capital of the Borno state, Maiduguri, on Sunday and engaged in fierce fighting with the country’s military. The offensive started just hours before US Secretary of State John Kerry was due to arrive.. A curfew has been imposed on the city..

The future is now: GOOGLE is becoming a wireless carrier.. Rather than spending the tens of billions of dollars it would cost to create a wireless network, Google reportedly will carry its service over Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. Google declined to comment CNN on the article..

JAPAN ‘stunned’ over the death of a hostage at the hands of ISIS… The nation, not used to the violence taking place in this world, has become horrified at the sight of a severed head at the hands of ISIS terrorists.. The AP reports: “A somber Prime Minister Abe appeared on public broadcaster NHK early Sunday demanding the militants release 47-year-old journalist Kenji Goto unharmed.. “

Physicists manage to slow down light inside a vacuum..  the significance of this is obvious: This proves that light in free space is NOT constant.. Time travel, anyone?

The SMILEY FACE theory of murder.. ripe for horror movies..
 BUT.. I am still doubtful of this as a true theory.. but there have been LOTS of strange deaths lately among healthy college men.. And they all seem to involve floating in water near a path that they should not have taken to get home after drinking.. Is there a serial killer somewhere on the the loose killing all of these men the same way?You can read the WIKI on this.. It seems tough to think there is something nefarious going on. But for some reason, healthy teenage boys or men in the early 20s drown.. But they do happen when people are drinking.  Could all of these deaths be suicide? Or could there be a true SMILEY FACE theory that sensibly connects all of the strange deaths across the nation? You may be interested in joining the discussion on Facebook where  a dedicated SMILEY FACE killer theory page has been established..

Slender Men
“Slenderman” sightings in the UK have prompted paranormal investigation.
. reports of an 8-foot man haunting people, causing sleep paralysis.. The term ‘slenderman’ came from a Creepypasta a few years back, but the notion of a tall slender man with a pale white face has been in culture for centuries. What is strange about this is how many similar stories of this type of man are suddenly coming from the UK mining town of Staffordshire..

Look at me: He's normally all about flaunting his shirtless physique whether alone or out with many of his female admirers
“Bad skin day” leads bodyguards to hide Justin Bieber’s face from reporters..

Miley Cyrus says that Justin Bieber stole her look..


Obama to make short trip to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to King Abdullah..

Brazil is the world
A study concludes that MONSANTO chemicals cause GENETIC damage to soybean workers!
 The study was published in the journal Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, and it involved 127 people, including 81 exposed to biocides while working in the Brazilian soybean industry and 46 non-exposed individuals in a control group.. Even more, the study concludes that it causes DNA damage and cell death.

greenland crater
LAKES IN GREENLAND MYSTERIOUSLY DRAIN!?   Scientists say that they are baffled–as would be anyone–at the sudden vanishing lakes in Greenland.. Get this: One lake was so large that a mile-wide crater was left behind after it was drained in the span of a few weeks. Another sub-glacial lake has been filled and emptied twice in the last two years.. One expert told ABC news that this shows that the ‘plumbing system under the ice’ is changing..  Keep in mind, this is BILLIONS OF GALLONS of water we are talking about.  Good thing we moved that DOOMSDAY CLOCK closer to midnight..

German scientists invent a WORKING teleporter. of sorts..

Japanese take to Twitter to mock ISIS during a very desperate situation..

Pope Francis makes the call for easier and free annulments..

The Blob Is Getting Another Remake!
THE BLOB is getting remade with lots of CGI..

It Follows 700 2
IT FOLLOWS being heralded as the scariest horror movie in years..


Paradise.. a place for all of God’s creatures? If that’s the case, what about dogs and cats as well? The Pope has been saying some interesting things lately–like Catholics should not breed like rabbits and there should be limits to the freedom of speech and criticism of religion.. but something deeper is in question: In December he alluded to the notion that all of God’s creatures go to heaven.. the NEW YORK TIMES ran a good article by Mark Oppenheimer regarding the potential newfound animal love in the Vatican.. It is a longstanding theological question–one with no scientific answer since, quite frankly, there’s no proof of any afterlife or beforelife to begin with. But it certainly is interesting to contemplate. The real question may not be whether Fido or Whiskers accompanies you on your journey into the afterlife, but if rabbits breed like Catholics in heaven..?

There are some very strange currencies in the world.. the Pope may be debating whether dogs go to heaven and what limits on the freedom of speech should exist when discussing religion, but there is something far more supernatural potentially happening.. I read a report in the CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT concerning whether a “future pope may be forced to flee Rome” .. The story was written by William Kirkpatrick and discusses the arc of history–and the idea that we are being drawn back to a time when darker forces ruled half of the civilized world.. The perspective is obvious.. the source is a Catholic paper, so don’t expect anything to deviate from doctrine.. But Kirkpatrick wrote one thing that caused me pause: “If Rome ever falls to Islam, the pope—whoever he may be at that time—may choose to remain in Rome and suffer the almost certain martyrdom that would follow. That is up to him and the Holy Spirit. However, in light of the escalating Islamization of Europe, it would seem prudent for Vatican officials to draw up some contingency plans.”    There is one thing that chilled me with that statement.. St. Malachy, for those keeping score, may be predicting that Bergoglio, Francis, is the final pontiff.. Malachy prophetically said:  “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End..”  And another: PIUS X fell into a bit of a trance in 1909.. he said this: “What I have seen was terrible… Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I am alive.”   This is why seeing articles about a Pope fleeing Rome is a bit chilling when considering the tidal wave of prophecy portending a final Pope among us..

<br /><br /><br /><br />
Sports at its best: FIXED and fun. Coach Bill Belichick says he has no ideas why 11 of the 12 PATRIOTS footballs were deflated for the game last Sunday.. He took reporters questions, but quite frankly didn’t really answer them. He said he was shocked to learn about the footballs on Monday morning.. Since the Monday morning quarterbacking took place, days of DEFLATEGATE have dominated sports headlines.. Did Bill know about his balls? Why so blue now..?  If you have any common sense, shouldn’t this be a wake up call about your love of sports? If you’re still groggy after all of this, maybe the book THE FIX IN IN by Brian Tuohy may come in handy.. It’s time to stop falling for it..

What is happening in the world of US manufacturing? Not what some may have us think..

Now revealed: The 14 ingredients in McDonalds French Fries..  Among the little shockers: Petrol-based  chemicals and silicone. (Like you really thought they’d be good for you?)

Expand your imagination beyond your current dimension.. think of this possibility: There is a wormhole, somewhere in  space–actually in the Milky Way galaxy–and it could take us to another universe.. There are some serious scientific discussions on that notion.. Beam us up.

First the school and now a home? Newtown plans to demolish Adam Lanza’s house..

Great news for 2015 (sarcasm of course) The Doomsday Clock has just been moved.. three minutes until midnight. We’re close to the end, apparently.


FILE PHOTO: Smoke is seen after an underwater volcano erupted in Hunga Ha'apai, Tonga March 18, 2009.(Reuters / Matangi Tonga)
The planet is amazing.. the planet is scary. This is the scene in the Pacific in Tonga… a volcano has been erupting for about a month.. And suddenly a new island has appeared. Tonga now has 177 islands. Update your maps accordingly..

Rising temperatures are causing Greenland meltwater lakes to drain at dramatic rate..
Scientists say that Greenland’s lakes are vanishing..

Dateline Yemen: Yemen’s president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has expressed readiness to accept demands for constitutional change and powersharing with Houthi rebels who took up positions outside his home after defeating his guards in two days of battle. This could start getting very dicey very quickly.. Even more, it was announced today that Boehner bringing BIBI to the House to address Congress. Obama said he didn’t know.. a surprise for The Commander in Chief after a raucous State of the Union..

Yemen’s sudden state of crisis poses a problem for the United States..

SAMSUNG has been in the hot seat over just how invasive their smart TVs are.. Now people are wondering just what the creepy friend in our living room is doing with our images and private conversations..

An amazing and breathtaking LARGE image of the universe released by NASA.. the biggest photos I have seen yet.

What do avoid during sex: The woman on top.. Scientists now say that it is the most dangerous sexual position known to humans, leading to the majority of penile fractures in men..

Disneyland employees now coming down with Measles..

Apparently, don’t VAPE em even if you got em.. New lab tests imply that e-cigs are more dangerous than their dangerous counterpart.. From the information being provided on the study, they are FILLED with cancer causing chemicals. Like a lot.. like more than real cigarettes..

Make sure when you read this, you’re standing.. A new study suggests something we have long suspected: Sitting can kill. And it’s deadly EVEN IF YOU EXERCISE.. Maybe it’s time to redesign classrooms and offices. Donald Rumsfeld may have given us killer chemicals but he sure knows how to live long: Stand while working. It may be time for lots of other people to consider changing their lifestyles to live longer to have one..

George Lucas
George Lucas sounds off: Disney didn’t use any of his ideas in new STAR WARS movie..
  But while some fans may seen this as a shot at Lucas, let’s get real.. the ‘newest’ STAR WARS movies were basically a triplet of trash, some of the worst films I have ever seen. Especially the PHANTOM MENACE.. should we really ponder why Disney didn’t use the ideas? Sure, a young George Lucas gave us Darth Vader. But the modern Lucas gave us Jar Jar Binks.. I think a new direction was quite appropriate when considering that..

A great question posed on HUFFINGTON POST: Do atheist movie goers get scared during supernatural horror movies? The answer provided by Robert Frost (not the poet): “So, atheists can certainly get a thrill from supernatural movies, but they do miss out on the scariness being prolonged after the theater lights come back on. That’s a thrill reserved to those that can believe in the possibility of ghosts and demons.”


This photo just about sums up the night quite well, don’t you think?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
And if you want some more words, rely on Andrew Sullivan to provide him in a very good live blogging session of the 2015 State of the Union address..
The state of the union.. the state of a presidency.. a President, once unpopular, now becomes a populist.. he rants against the wealth and proclaims his pain for the poor–he begs a Republican majority to pass Middle Class reforms they will never consider. But standing ovations were common on the left, eye rolls on the right. But he was dead on accurate.. no Keystone Pipeline when a bigger project could prevail.. no little ideas. Big ideas–but why does he cut NASA? Why doesn’t he stand in the way of intrusive spying and corporate giveaways? Because.. I suppose, he’s a politician..  I have a feeling that some of the KoolAid left over from 2008 will be back on the shelves by tomorrow morning’s news run.. Though there’s only two years left.. Two years that will feature no minimum wage increase.. no sick pay for nursing mothers.. no big jobs program.. no reforms for the Middle Class. However it will make a hell of a few issues for 2016. And that’s the point.. politics is always getting in the way of real reforms. The standing ovations are all for show. Theater at its finest. Or worst.

ISIS demanding money in exchange for hostages from Japan..
$200 mil in ransom requested..

John McCain urges ‘boots on the ground’ to fight ISIS..

AirAsia jet that crashed weeks ago climbed unusually fast prior to it.. Even stranger on this note: The jet climbed at a rate BEYOND that which is designed for commercial jets, as media reports indicate..

The Houthis of Yemen suddenly seeing victories.. they have been fighting the government of Yemen since 2004..The New York TIMES has more on their background and history..

Breached pipeline spills at least 50,000 gallons of oil into Yellowstone river..
Drinking water trucked in..

HIGHWAY TO SEXUAL HELL: A paranormal investigator claims that ‘horny ghosts’ are prowling a remote highway and seducing drivers into having sex with them..

Ghosts may want to get into porn.. the porn industry suddenly sees its prospects looking up.. the industry is stabilizing.. 

Pope Francis angers German rabbit breeders.. 

Activists arrested for dousing Lenin’s tomb with Holy Water..

Stress can make adults act like toddlers.. Anxiety causes people to react emotionally and make snap judgments..

No, This Artificially Intelligent Super Mario Is Not Self-Aware
The new MARIO.. he can learn as he plays.. he can venture through a game according to his ‘feelings.’ But is he really self-aware?

Justin Bieber is going to be roasted on COMEDY CENTRAL..  There is not a man, woman, or child alive (or even manchild) who does not look forward to every second of this.. But sadly, deep down, we know that this only inflates the already massive ego that Biebs possesses..

image from
The FUTURE is NOW.. A Chinese firm 3D-printed a 5-story house using construction waste ‘ink’ .. 
 3D printing is going to change everything.. 3D printing is going to take on industries one at a time.. Construction will never be the same, nor will medicine.. And the building is quite beautiful, at that..


All the world’s a stage.. and the players are merely players. In sports, all the world’s a fix, and the schmucks are those who don’t think so.. From the world of football today, there is some big news called DeflateGate.. A source is telling reporters that the PATRIOTS may have deflated footballs in their 45-7 victory over the Colts on Sunday night.. READ MORE HERE>>>  The NFL is ‘investigating‘ ..

Half of the wealth of the world is held by the 1%..
In the city of Angels, you need to earn at least $33 an hour just to afford a basic apartment..

SNIPER sets box office record..
Elizabeth Hasselback gushes over sniper killing 33 people in 4 months… “incredible.”

The NSA hacked North Korea long before the SONY ‘hacking’..

Children run from Boko Haram slaughter..  the world has gone mad..

ISIS cell members beheading animals in Israel as practice for people..

It’s BLUE MONDAY. The saddest day of the year..
 Bills are due. The doldrums setting in.. Winter is here. Moods are deflated. As are wallets. And the buying splurge we went on a month ago seems silly now. As it does every blue Monday of every year..

Planet X. And Y. Two more earth-sized planets are in our solar system..

More reason to understand a troubling fact: THEY LIVE was a documentary..

The wise of men who don’t work. So what do they do instead?


The Pope says that man is betraying God by destroying nature..

handout image issued by NASA of a graphic showing the predicted trajectory of asteroid 2004 BL86, which will approach as close as three times the distance from the Earth to the Moon on January 26. Huge asteroid to 'narrowly' miss Earth
There is going to be yet ANOTHER asteroid that narrowly misses Earth on January 26.. It will not be seen again for another 200 years. But this year it will be visible by people on the planet..

Massive sudden and surprising Sunday ice storm causes havoc and deaths across the Northeastern United States.. Mass chaos.. highways closed.. wrecks abound. Deaths as well..

Shots fired near the home of VP Joe Biden..

Destination America: Who are the men in black and what is their connection to aliens from outer space?

How much did Sony’s INTERVIEW really cost?

These high school teachers had boozy beach trips–along with allegedly having sex with students..

Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips as seen on a surveillance camera at a South Carolina Walmart. Photo: Uncredited / Associated Press / Walmart Inc. via The Grayson Cou
Kentucky couple called the modern day Bonnie and Clyde nabbed in Florida..

Image of Christ above New Zealand?

AMERICAN SNIPER leads box office with big $90 mil weekend..
 SNIPER has ‘complex appeal’..
Michael Moore’s anti SNIPER tweets..

Miss Israel Doron Matalon, Miss Lebanon Saly Greige,
Miss Universe selfie controversy? Lebanon with Israel.. …this is the world we live in…

MALI declares itself Ebola free!

Humorous but true; Why children of the 1970s should be dead..

dr-rachel-levine horizontal
Transgender woman to make history in Pennsylvania as Governor Tom Wolf’s physician general..

ISIS free elderly prisoners because they are ‘too expensive’ to feed..

Does a ghost roam this high school hallway, or is a camera trick at play?


A new study suggests that WIFI is much more dangerous than previously thought.. Especially for children..

Why people are moving to a town without WIFI..

Britban: People react to David Cameraon’s call to ban encrypted online communication.. 

CDC claim: Flu shots make you 23% less likely to get the flu.. Even if that number is true, you can call that very weak protection at best.. this despite reminders in every supermarket in the country to take the flu shot–for a flu that has far mutated beyond the flu vaccination.. And think this: The government has won.. there are more flu shots being administered than years in history. And this year is the moment in time when the flu has become deadlier than any time previous.

Scientists say sea levels are rising faster than previously predicted..

Very disturbing news from Chicago.. and now an investigation into a crematorium possibly illegally selling body parts..

Scientific paper says that humans are being pushed to the ‘danger zone’ for humanity.. 

UNFRIENDED is a horror movie that is ‘frighteningly real’..

The biggest moments of today’s OSCAR announcements? A woman accidentally saying “Dick Poop” instead of Dick Pope..
The Academy snubs the LEGO MOVIE..
ut beyond the DICK POOP and LEGO controversy, there’s something else people took notice to: An all white ensemble for this year’s ACADEMY AWARDS..

ROSIE leaving the view. ROSIE PEREZ, not the other one..

Producers in LA send out request: We want ghost hunters who will take their clothes off on camera..


RUMORS OF A MANCHESTER SERIAL KILLER? 60 bodies in only a few years..

There is a developing story from space .. a toxic leak has occurred in the United States segment of the International Space Station.. NASA said that the crew is not in danger–but they have taken refuge in the Russian side of the module..UPDATE: FALSE ALARM!

Odd news being reported in the political world today.. Speaker of the House John Boehner went to a club where his bartender, for five years, was plotting to kill him.. The plot involved either an assassination or spiking a drink.. According to media reports, the bartender was hearing voices of “satan” telling him to kill the House Speaker and he blamed Boehner for Ebola..

Here are the CHARLIE HEBDO cartoons that no one is showing you..

Charlie Hebdo newspaper is displayed at a newsstand in Nice southeastern France, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015. On front page, reading &quot;All is forgiven&quot;. Charlie Hebdo's defiant issue is in print, with a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad on the cover and a double-page spread claiming that more turned out Sunday to back the satirical weekly &quot;than for Mass.&quot; Twelve people died when two masked gunmen assaulted the newspaper's offices on Jan. 7, including much of the editorial staff and two police. (AP Photo/ Lionel Cironneau)
Print reborn!! 3 mil copies of the newest CHARLIE HEBDO magazine have sold out across France.. 2 million more copies are going to be printed to meeting the surge of demand in the nation (AND THE WORLD) for the first paper to be published since the attacks.. Interesting to note, this once had a flailing number of 60,000 prints per issue–and more than half of them were trashed due to the lack of interest. From 60,000 from 5 million.. Math tells me that is over an 8000% increase..

More shaking being reported in Rhode Island.. It still feels to me like an inactive fault line has come alive to provide a new generation lots of shaking in a place not equipped to handle it. If a number of fault lines along the East Coast spring to life, buildings have not been made to withstand constant trembles..

We, and many others, have reported oddities all over the world for quite some time: The booms, rattles, shakes that people around the United States and the world have been reported. Linda Moulton Howe has been one of the prime reporters on the scene talking about this, including during appearances on Coast to Coast AM for her monthly segment.. On January 10, radio host Josh Tolley had Howe on his program to talk about the major upsurge of booms and bangs across the planet just in 2015 so far.. You can listen to the 30 minute YOUTUBE video here.. Perhaps the one incident from Howe that most made me startled was a report of a man touching the foundation of his house and feeling it actually shake while the metallic grinding noise was occurring..

CLYDE LEWIS also had a program last night dedicated to the strange booms and noises taking place around the globe..


Scientists are unable to explain what is causing the booms and shakes around the nation..

There are mysterious booms in Oklahoma.. and earthquakes, too..

x x x

This crazy girl is holding a gun. Hopefully she doesn't hurt anyone.
Horrible new video released from ISIS shows children buying into the devilish movement: It features a child murdering two Russian agents..

A scene from the first trailer of Unfriended.
‘UNFRIENDED’ is a horror movie that takes place entirely online. And it is being called deeply disturbing by people who have seen it.
 Perez Hilton says the scariest thing about the movie is how easily some of it can actually happen to anyone..

News from Columbus Ohio..a substitute teacher is up on felony charges for showing the horror movie THE ABCS OF DEATH to her class!
  The COLUMBUS DISPATCH has the full story on Sheila Kearns.. The defense attorney for Kearns argued that she had her back to the screen for the film and did not see the graphic sex or murder scenes.. The JURY in the case is going to be made to watch THE ABCS OF DEATH–anyone who has been aware of this film knows what the jury is going to see..  I have written about the ABCs before.. It’s not my type of horror flick to watch for fun..  BUT.. in fairness and, well, in America.. being fired may be the best result. Being kicked off the rosters in the entire state may be fine, too. But criminal charges? Prison time? All for a horror movie that, chances are, was already seen by half of the kids in the high school class rooms where it was being shown? I think that goes well beyond too far.. But even horror movie fans seem divided on whether her punishment equals her crime.. Read the comments section on this BLOODY DISGUSTING article to get a full flavor of the sentiment among people who love horror but are still divided on whether she should do prison time..


Some food for thought.. why does it seem like fracking related earthquakes are so out of control right now? Dutchsince has an answer..

Hayat Boumeddiene and  Amedy Coulibaly
One of the gunmen who shot up the CHARLIE HEBDO building is released, after death, in an online video proclaiming allegiance to the Islamic State..

Attack on German newspaper that published CHARLIE HEBDO cartoons..

Latest:  France terror suspect Hayat Boumeddiene ‘in Syria’

Big crowd–and lots of security–expected in Paris for ‘day of unity’..

Ron Paul declares: We live in a police state.

Senior citizens flock to Facebook!

The Pope lets out the nipples!! Francis allows breastfeeding to take place in Sistine Chapel..

NASA releases posters depicting earth-like worlds..

MORON PARENTS arrested after posting Facebook video of their TODDLER putting a gun in his mouth!

Kevin Hart, right, films Melissa McCarthy as she accepts the award for favorite comedic movie actress at the People's Choice Awards at the Nokia Theatre on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Rumors: Melissa McCarthy close to signing on to GHOSTBUSTERS 3..

A listing of the major movies in 2015 to look forward to.. Among those titles, blasts from the past like STAR WARS and JURASSIC PARK..MAD MAX and TERMINATOR.. It may be a big year for cinema.. And some other films I am looking forward to: M Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT, the POLTERGEIST remake, and Stephen King’s CELL movie..AINT IT COOL has the epic list of the other amazing movies being released in ’15..

Some horror movies almost had different names. It would have been interesting to see how well they would have fared at box offices or in later video shelf life if they would not have been released with the titles we have so affectionately come to know them as..


Bizarre coverage on CNN of the Paris terror attack leads to this: Anderson Cooper has to correct colleague Chris Cuomo after Cuomo describes one of the terrorists as “AFRICAN AMERICAN”!

For the first time since World War I, a Synagogue is closed on Shabbat in Paris..

A screen grab from a video released by Boko Haram, showing its leader Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech - 31 October 2014
Update on the Boko Haram extermination: A town has been hit..
 And hit hard.. as reported yesterday, some say hundreds are dead but other experts are standing by their number of 2,000 dead. Can you just contemplate that for a second? In our modern world–the 21st century–we are still seeing murderous maniacs kills .. and their success rate is getting better by the murder.. Amnesty International is calling this the deadliest in Haram’s history..

News from Venezuela .. shoppers throng grocery stores under the protection of the military..
note the news media reports “under the protection” of the military. That connotes a good feeling, doesn’t it? That the military is allowing people to safely get food.. But consider the real truth: There are massive food shortages that has forced the government to actually put food distribution UNDER THE CONTROL of the military, assuring that people will only receive the small rations the military deems is necessary.. there are long lines in many places, and people still cannot get the basic goods they need to live.  And why the food shortages?  Collapsing oil prices and 60+ percent inflation rates.

Anonymous now declares war no terrorist websites. 

The not so good news about the Friday jobs report: Private sector good. Government jobs? Bad.. Government employment is down and may go further down–the recession is hitting the public sector much later than everyone else.

The next thing to fear: Chaos predicted as we add another second to the clock in the summer.. But hey, at least it won’t be cold and snowy when all technology and power system fail, right?

John Jonchuck Jr. is shown in his booking photo after

Father if six sacrifices child to ‘gain magical powers’..

Consider this: DRONE parenting on the rise.. Move over baby monitors.. drones are coming in for the landing on your baby’s crib. And while some may fear such change and, as so often said, claim it will be a ‘mark of the beast,’ I say good! technology that can keep tabs on a baby’s heart and pulse while they rest and you can comfortably count no a drone to keep tabs..? that’s not bad. And not for one second do I believe that it will eliminate any human emotion or interaction with a child, it will only compliment those nervous parents (like me) who constantly want to make sure their child is okay. Three cheers for technology. There will be so many good things that come with it. Oh, and the mark of the beast, as well..

More good technology: Light bulbs that will help your house catch thieves..

The time bomb waiting to go off? Ground sinking below Iceland volcano by up to a foot a day!

Earthquakes are increasing in North America.. As are weird booms and blasts. In Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, and Oklahoma.. These weird rumbles have occurred in various places for years. But suddenly they are all seemingly happening in a number of states at the same time–incidentally, the booms are coming all from states that allow underground fracking..

A Bill Murray movie that went unseen for 30 years just got a showing in the night owl hours on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIE..
 It is called NOTHING LASTS FOREVER .. AND YES, it even included “Larry Bud Melman” of 1980s David Letterman fame..

AOL/TIME WARNER deal 15 years later. It is still considered the worst deal of the century..


This is Paris, 2015.

French terror suspects dead..
Dramatic raid..

Three terrorists dead..

BOKO HARAM may have killed THOUSANDS in attack!
 Many survivors fled into the nearby waters of Lake Chad, where some drowned and where others remain marooned on small islands, menaced by hippos, said a local government official…

x x x


Day care in Pennsylvania shut down after death of a child.. state regulators see video of a worker putting a sheet over a child’s face..

Raif Badawi.(Photo from user Raif Badawi)
Saudi Arabian blogger flogged for insulting Islam..

Rumors: Hillary Clinton furious over Bill’s involvement with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein..

Man fired for not returning to work–for 24 years!

There are 14 states currently COLDER than Mars!

The promise of universal community college..

New liberal rallying call: Free education for all!

Another state!? Loud booms in Tennessee  ..
And another..
Mysterious booms rattle homes in Oklahoma and scare livestock..

58% of American adults are active on Facebook..

New study shows how much life is changing–quickly. Right now, 7 out of 10 American TV viewers stream programming.. CABLE and others may be long dead before predictions indicated they would be..

Creepy GARBAGE PAIL KIDS just in time for 30th anniversary.. 

Rod Taylor in 1965 on the set of the movie &quot;Do Not Disturb,&quot; with co-star Doris Day.
THE BIRDS actor Rod Raylor dead..

bieber photoshopped
Calvin Klein photoshopped Justin Bieber to give him a larger bulge in underwear spread..

Photoshop.. gets you ever time.


Charlie Hebdo First Team Meeting After Terrorist Attack
The world in shock as 12 are dead–including two police officers–at the offices of the satirical French magazine CHARLIE HEBDO.. the magazine has been illustrating Mohammed cartoons and making light of ISIS.. the attack is being condemned as terrorism..
 It is a developing story.. You can read the initial NIGHT TERROR NEWS dispatch on the attack here.. CHARLIE HEBDO also tweeted an ISIS joke an hour before the shooting attack took place..

A full listing of DALLAS earthquakes
 so far.. there have been a number of them in just under 24 hours..  From the USGS, here is a the shake map of the past quakes.. As far as what is causing them? Seismologists are said to be ‘investigating’ the cause.. but at least one person may be on to something.. DUTCHSINSE says fracking operations could be the culprit..

David M. Cady Jr.'s home was destroyed in a police standoff (YouTube)
A family is homeless after 18 police agencies DESTROY THEIR HOME while serving a DUI warrant..

An old story is back again.. YES, CNN DOES have a video prepped and ready for the end of the world.. You can see the creepy 1980s style end of the world videohere.  I hope they don’t update this with new footage. I like the creepy 80s..


Just a sampling of the strange activities taking place around the planet as we speak..

One second of time to be added to clocks this summer.

For those who wondered if SONY was just trying a PR stunt to see how online streaming of movies would go, take a gander at this: The numbers are in and THEINTERVIEW did very very well online..

It is a BIG universe.. filled with small planets. And even MORE planets–some earthlike–are being found.. Now you see why the Vatican says they would baptize an alien? I think the truth is out there.. deep down we all know life is out there, too.. even if we never get the chance to meet it.

A new plan in Britain seems extra creepy: Toddlers will be spied on to see if they exhibit any early signs of being terror sympathizers.. The government calls it the‘duty’ of nursery teachers to spot terrorists in the making.. 

More intrigue as various sources begin to report Bill Clinton’s connection with Florida pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.. As previously reported, Epstein had over 20 numbers for the former President and, in the past, Clinton took a number of trips to the same private island that Prince Andrew did–the same place where underage girls were reportedly held and given to men and powerful elite .. The SMOKING GUN website indicates that Clinton and Epstein traveled together even though police were investigating him at the time..

MORE: Prince Andrew accused of using underage sex slave..

Flashback Rand Paul: Bill Clinton is a sexual predator..

Sharp drop in arrests in New York City, indicating purposely police slowdown..

EXPLOSIONS IN PENNSYLVANIA.. these weird blasts have been taking place near Lancaster, PA// Residents have been both hearing and feeling explosions under their feet but law enforcement haven’t the clue as to what they could be..

Doctors have euthanized over 650 babies  as part of assisted suicide law in the Netherlands..  People who argued that those with only terminal illnesses would face such a consequence are now being rattled by these numbers.. some are raising eyebrows and suspecting that babies with disabilities are facing the brunt of these deaths.. More coverage of this in the British press with the UK DAILY MAIL writing, bluntly, that parents who don’t want their children are killing them in Holland.. This is the very ‘slippery slope’ that many progressives said would not happen…

Now police want to be included in federal hate crimes law..

Welcome to the future of sex without partners: A vibrator that can sync to your iPhone..

Chris Rock: Scott Rudin is not a racist. He ‘hates everybody’..

WASHINGTON POST reporting a very blunt fact: In ten years, your job will not exist..

Courtesy: Arizona Department of Transportation Facebook page
Cameras caught something bizarre along a highway in Arizona.. 
 Some say an animal, others say bigfoot.. I saw people who knew a camera was there and wanted to cause a stir. And then they did–if it was people. The story has gone worldwide today..


As the scandals turn..

Bill Clinton’s relationship with Eppstein rexamined. Clinton made multiple visits to the pedophile island.. the ‘sex slave’ is about to write a tell-all book.. apparently she even met the queen..

I heard about the concept of the ‘Smiley Face killers’ on an Ian Punnett show when he hosted COAST TO COAST a few years ago.. And I just discovered this Facebook group that is dedicated to uncovering what it claims is evidence of the Smiley Face killings occurring.. While I don’t give much credit to the theory, it is quite chilling to see the amount of young healthy men across this nation who end up dying face down in a lake, stream, or river. It repeats itself as a cause of death over and over and over again.. Consider it but take it with a grain of salt.

Body of missing college student pulled from Schuylkill River..

Detroit: Student disappears after stepping outside of bar to ‘get some air’..

Church fight club!?

This is an amazing video of a birth, with the story featuring the song from SLEEPING AT LAST..

A great website resource: is a live cyber attack website..

Strange tale: Princeton graduate arrested after shooting his $200 mil hedge fund founder father in NYC..


Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. REUTERS/China Daily/Files
A Royal Scandal of epic proportions broke over night across the planet.. News circulated that Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed having sex with an underage girl! The story revolves around the elite’s friend Jeffrey Epstein.. British media is also pointing out that Bill Clinton had a relationship with Epstein that included travels to his private island.. Along with Clinton: Highpriced celebrities from Hollywood, politics, science, and entertainment.. Another name, besides Prince Andrew, named in the lawsuit: Alan Dershowitz.

INDEPENDENT: Prince Andrew regret his friendship now..
Andrew steps up denials in sex slave case..

And the past is haunting in the UK, too: The UK TELEGRAPH is reporting that Margaret Thatcher’s confidant former conservative minister Sir Peter Morrison lured a 14-year-old into a guesthouse and abused him.. The police covered up the crime after..

Kim looks like a teddy bear, really, among the children of the orphanage.
Cuddly Kim Jong Un plays with children..

Two earthquakes hit Los Angeles within 20 minutes of each other..

Pope Francis names 15 new Cardinals–none from the United States..

Happy new fears: A complete list of the 12 disasters that could end the world!

The biggest threat to humanity: THE INTERNET!?

Monsanto’s earnings may nosedive, could drop by 50%.. 

Polar vortex (or winter?) set to return next week..
Brutal cold and clippers..

KFOR reporting: New proposal in Oklahoma City may make it a $500 fine to simply wear a hoodie..

Reviews continue to give high praise to BLACK MIRROR.. I recently began viewing this now somewhat old British series.. So far interesting results. Perhaps when I have the chance to finally finish the full episode listing I will write up a review..

Good advice from the mouths of bosses: How to stay cool under pressure..

JANUARY 3 2015

A 4.9 quake struck Idaho today.. no major damage, but rattled nerves.. also it caused rock slides that blocked several roads..

Alarm sounds on sugar: New effort underway to bring attention to chronic disease connection with over consumption of sugar..

Madonna edits images of civil rights icons and posts them on twitter..
  now she is busy defending herself (And enjoying the public attention) ..

Happy new fear: Scores of giant asteroids to begin buzzing by earth in February..  This story has been around for some times–and vast conspiracy sites have warned over the earth destruction coming .. but there is real science to this, and it’s endlessly important that we monitor the stars and space to ensure if the pink stars begin falling we know about it prior..

Coronal holes are regions of the corona where the magnetic field reaches out into space rather than looping back down onto the surface - and eject solar winds far faster than other parts of the sun.
Speaking of space..
NASA reveals a mystery on the sun.. coronal hole on the solar surface where winds reach 500 miles PER SECOND..

MORE from the sun: Only a few days ago, sunspot AR2253 did not exist. Now the fast-growing active region is wider than the planet Jupiter…On the latest NASA information, the sunspot seemingly is growing in size still.

If you are lucky enough not to be getting hit with a winter storm today: The annual Quadrantid meteor shower, caused by debris from shattered comet 2003 EH1, peaks on Sunday, January 4th…

What your Android knows about you: It can hear your conversations and it always knows where you are..

Pacific Coast sea bird dieoff is puzzling scientists.. They have been found dead in the hundreds along the Pacific coastline.. Mass die-offs of the small, white-bellied gray birds known as Cassin’s aucklets have been reported from British Columbia to San Luis Obispo, California..

66 grocery stores CLOSING in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia PA..

CIA admits to being behind UFO sightings of the 1950s and 60s..BUT!!!! It only means that HALF of the sightings are accounted to..  The truth is still out there.

Great video accounts for every day of a pregnancy.. 

BOKO HARAM now abducts 40 boys and young men ages 10 to 23..

The first weekend box office of 2015: HOBBIT number 1 again but WOMAN IN BLACK 2 a big surprise ..  I have written before that January is one of the best months for horror. So this showing does not surprise me at all–especially given that this sequel maintained a PG-13 rating, an important thing for the success of a horror movie in January.

New research claims that creative thinking actually creates dishonesty… My response? DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED part 1.

JANUARY 2 2015

The first news dump of the new year.. Seems like olden times still when you peruse the headlines. But the calender tells us it’s not.. A sample of samplings from the planet earth and beyond this second day of January, 15 years after 2000..

But what does the year of the ram really mean for the planet earth?


Strange booms taking place in Idaho … residents of Bingham County says that their homes shook.. This occurred a week after they first took place, numerous calls to 911 were placed after the sounds were heard..

5.1 earthquake hits off of Northern California.. This is something to watch, it would appear that there is some major movement in the ring of fire..With that said, another quake took place in British Columbia, this one a 5.2..

Sandy Hook victim’s photo used in Pakistan shooting story on BBC..

Happy new fears: Whooping cough proteins evolving ‘unusually’ fast.. Whooping cough is outsmarting the current vaccine..

Happy new fears: new tick-borne “Bourbon Virus” unlike anything the United States has seen previously..

In the money: Abortions account for 94% of Planned Parenthood’s business..

Saudi Arabia beheads more than 80 people in 2014..  Beheadings are en vogue .. this is the highest headlines corpses in five years.. 

Television show featuring DOCTOR OZ shows a death of someone without permission.. 


WALL STREET JOURNAL article claims that science continuously making the case that God exists..

Lawrence Krauss gives a brutal response to that claim..

Butter in coffee: The worst fad diet ever..

Black gold? Coffee prices to soar..

BONO Biking accident: Hey may never play guitar again..

Eat right in ’15: Comprehensive list of GMO products and companies..

It’s raining on Saturn like we’ve never imagined.. 

Subliminal sex messages in modern advertising.. 

2015: The year Marty McFly came to the future..
What the movie got right, and what the movie got wrong…

Flashback 2000: Here is what the CIA predicted for this year..

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