A new kit allows you to get ready for when zombies strike.. all for $1499..

The Pope is take a voyage into the deep . he’s being critical of the very thing that keeps society going–the reason some, perhaps, even live! MONEY. And he calls it the ‘devil’s dung’..  Francis condemned the  “throwaway culture created by the powers that control the economic and financial policies of the globalized world”.. MORE: “When money becomes an idol, it controls man’s choices,” he added. “It makes him a slave.”..

Justin Beiber: FINALLY old enough to drink. Legally.. I expect wild parties and TMZ exposes of his birthday bash..

A new study: Methane based life is possible on Titan..

Massive Hyundai recalls effects over 200,000 Elantras.. Steering is the issue..

Vertical farming: The quicker we build these types of locations the better off we will be.. Such as this location in Jackson Wyoming: A vacant lot the size of one tenth an acre is going to be turned into a vertical farm that will produce the food five acres could! Back in December, FAST COMPANY profiled the trend in agriculture with an article about how vertical farming could feed millions. And make millions.. Quite frankly, I don’t care if millions are made, that is what America is all about. What I think is revolutionary is a farm in a controlled environment where pesticides and other big agri killers aren’t needed.. In April 2014, Motley Fool asked if vertical farming could kill Monsanto’s tight grip hold on the industry.. The farms of the future are being built today. Rightfully so.. We need more. I would love to see a vertical farm on every empty lot in the world. Let’s feed this planet healthy food. Real food. Vertically farmed food..  I will get off the soap box now, or else I’ll go off in another wild tangent about the need for a high speed railway across America..

Just when your body thought it was safe, this comes along: Cap’n Crunch and Taco Bell are teaming up for a gooey new dessert.  My stomach nearly turned to rot when I read the headline alone..

LAZARUS EFFECT continues the trend in horror.. 2PARAGRAPHS.COM noticed and wrote “‘THE LAZARUS EFFECT’ too quick to kill the black guy?

Aggressive owl menacing people in Dutch town..

A floating strip club has a new problem: Human waste disposal..

Weather has impact on weekend box office: Snowy and icy weekend being blamed for low FOCUS release and weak LAZARUS EFFECT..   The final numbers expected soon..

PLUTO may become a planet again. And if that is the case, what should we say about Ceres? That could become the 10th planet.. The science world is changing rapidly.

New research says sleeping MORE than 8 hours a day increases a stroke risk..  I should be fine. I’m lucky if I get four hours a night..


US writer hacked to death in Bangladesh..

The BOOMS continue.. Texas last week and now this: Loud booms rock Washington.. 






Sensors at the Fukushima nuclear plant have detected a fresh leak of highly radioactive water to the sea, the plant’s operator announced Sunday, highlighting difficulties in decommissioning the crippled plant.

Joan Rivers snubbed in Oscar tribute..

Italy and Vatican in high alert over ISIS threat..

Terror alert at MALL OF AMERICA..
Shoppers were not phased..
No credible threat..

The Woodley Park Metro station in Washington, DC is shown filling with smoke in this handout photo taken February 21, 2015, provided by Liz Palka. REUTERS/Liz Palka/Handout
Smoke appears in Washington subway for three times in two days..

New study shows just how much plastic human beings have discarded on this planet..

It is spreading: SUPERBUG now kills two in North Carolina.. MORE: Two North Carolina residents have died in recent months from a deadly “superbug,” out of the approximately 15 who have been treated…

Is humanity prepared to believe Jesus was an alien?

The theory of everything: Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

Neil Patrick Harris in underwear becomes the most memorable point of a very dull OSCARS..

Very awkward moment between Idina Menzl and John Travolta at OSCASR..

 The most anticipated horror movies of 2015..


New report shows collaboration between Syrian rebels and Israel..

Truth bomb from Wesley Clark: He said that ISIS was created from ‘friend and allies’..  The source of this news could be considered a biased Russian reporting service. So in that case, let’s go straight to the video where CLARK himself is quoted accurately by Russian media.. Clark said that ISIS was created by allies to destroy Hezbollah..

One of the tallest towers in Dubai in a blaze, guts the top floors. But the building did not pancake down on top of itself..

CNN profiles the planet discovered long before we stopped calling Pluto a planet: Its name is Ceres and it was found in 1801. And NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft is arriving for a visit on March 6..

Kim Jong-un and his new haircut
The world takes notice to KIM’s new haircut: It defies gravity and is the new rage of social networking.. Of course for all of the wrong reasons..No one ever said dictators had style..

A whistleblower comes forward to say that banks are getting away with funding terrorists–and a whole lot more.. His name is Everett Stern. And what he said has so many implications that you can’t count them. This would all go far beyond your typical bankster scandal..

It may be the year of the goat, but this is getting a bit weird: Series of dead and decapitated animals are being found in a Sacramento park.. It is puzzling police. And it all started in January with a beheaded goat..

New map shows America's quietest places
A new map shows America’s quietest spots..
 The vast majority of the West is simply without sound.. I would dare say, without much scientific backing to administer such a claim, that the quietest spots may correlate with the happiest..

A mysterious ‘demonic ring’ is eating away a boy’s finger..



Snooze weekend; OSCARS already being called the dullest show on earth!

While this year may not feature any horror flicks potentially getting the top honor at the awards, there have been some nit he past which did.. Perhaps the most famous: SILENCE OF THE LAMBS..

Stephen Hawking says that aggression is the biggest threat to humanity that may destroy us all.. it is fair to say that the lack of empathy on this planet is a problem..

For less than $2000: The Robot that can be your partner in your house.. It’s the invasion of the humanoids, but we are inviting them.. the black eyed children ask for entrance, but we say no. Robots who promise to revolutionize our life and potential threat to human life are being welcomed with open metal doors in Japan..

Scientists look to Antarctica as the key to mankind’s future..

FDA knew that devices could spread the superbug that is has now been spraed in UCLA–since 2009!

Clown from amusement park found in 
sex offender’s house.. And people wonder why some hate clowns so much..

The carbonation war: Sugary soda companies get ready for a new fight on dietary guidelines in the United States.. A few days ago, I implored readers to watch the Katie Couric documentary called FED UP. I think now is the opportune time to be ahead of the curve on the talking points sugar companies are now going to employ in their defense.


Washington DC cold and snow snap hasn’t been seen since the 1800s–if even then!

SLENDERMAN tapes released.

While big pharma is busy telling us to take their ‘safe’ vaccines, deaths from prescription drugs are soaring..

Wittels found dead
Grief-stricken Hollywood stars say Harris Wittels, the co-executive producer of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” who was found dead Thursday at his Los Angeles home, struggled with addiction… Wittels also had a great podcast that I will miss listening tom when I had the chance..

Actor who plays in AMERICAN HORROR STORY hit by car and is badly hurt..
 Ben Woolf, who plays the character Meep on the FX channel show, was hit by the mirror as he was jaywalking near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and North Gramercy Place about 9 p.m., said Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman.. The 4-foot-4 actor was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism when he was young.. He is also a teacher..DEVELOPING STORY..

Jason Mamoa, Aqua Man
Not your childhood AQUAMAN..Zack Snyder shares the image..

Production footage from Rob Zombie’s 31 revealed..
 The plot of the film for those who don’t know:  The movie follows five people who are kidnapped in the five days leading up to Halloween and how they must fight to survive in a place called Murder World.In order to stay alive, the hostages must play a game called “31”, in which the goal is kill as many opponents as possible — people in clown masks called “The Heads” — in 12 hours. I have spoken out quite a bit against the Zombie style of horror making.. I assume that despite my misgivings, the movie will have a solid fan base and become a cult classic. Just as all the others he has made I didn’t like.. I am fine with being in the vocal minority on his work.

MOVIEPILOT has a good article by Rob Harris titled Rob Zombie wants your money again and you’re gonna give it to him.  Zombie has reopened his donations page by popular demand from fans determined to give him their hard earned dollars..




ISIS releases video of Christians being beheaded..

And an interesting twist, perhaps: They are not only 500 miles from Italy and sending out messages that they want to get to Rome..

40 years of SNL.. And lots of nostalgia to bring you down..

The world wanted sex this weekend.. 50 SHADES OF GREY scored $81.7 mil this weekend and completely trounced PASSION OF THE CHRIST 2004 opening.. The part of this that is hard to believe: It has been 11 years since PASSION OF THE CHRIST was released, already..

By the year 2016, robots will begin patrolling streets..

NASA is warning of mega droughts coming..

Meanwhile: This is turning out to be the coldest winter is years..

The building where Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 still plagues an Austrian village..

Copenhagen shootings: Police kill ‘gunman’ after two attacks.. Police say they killed the man in the Norrebro district after he opened fire on them.It came after one person was killed and three police officers injured at a free speech debate in a cafe on Saturday.

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Hackers steal $300 million from 100 banks..

Iraqi soldiers and militants of the Islamic State group clashed again over the weekend in a western Iraqi town that has changed hands several times in skirmishes near a military base where American troops are training Iraqi soldiers. By Friday evening, Iraqi military had re-taken several of the government buildings that ISIS was holding.. Keep in mind, this is occurring: ISIS disguised as Iraqi troops and launched a bold attack on an American air base. The town on the outskirts is the place they have seized..   This is a test for American marines stationed nearby..and it comes with an exceptional piece of timing. Just days ago, President Obama announced on television his goal of securing Congressional approval for, well not boots on the ground, but perhaps toes it he water of this ISIS affair. ISIS, which his Administration fondly calls ISIL, seemingly took the cue. Now the world is watching the Al Asad Air Base in Anbar province.. At this point, though, it appears ISIS’ attempt has failed. But like cockroaches, ISIS comes back..

A terrified Kurdish prisoner looks out from his cage at a mob of jeering militants in the horrific scene
More news from ISIS land: A new video has been released showing 17 Kurdish fighters in humiliating procession through an Iraqi city. They were taken through the streets in an apparent march to their death: And to be burned alive..

New warnings that Oklahoma could get the ‘big one’..

Some good news for your Sunday morning sidewalk–tongue in cheek on that.. a reliable publication like the FINANCIAL TIMES would never attempt to just scare us with awful things, right? They have. They are giving us a list of the 12 ways the world could end.. Asteroids.. supervolcanos.. global monetary collapse.. nuclear war.. pandemic.. Perhaps my favorite though: “Unknown consequences.” The catch all. Just in case they missed any disaster scenarios, they want to go for the full wide ranging effect on your psyche. Thanks reliable reporters at FT. Never expected it from you.. (though every bit of what they reported was accurate, and probably underdone in their descriptions) ..

Brian Williams seemingly as embellished yet another story.. this time about his meeting with a Pope.. This man obviously couldn’t help himself.. I get this notion that behind the scenes at NBC NEWS, some staff were just appalled at his ability to never tell something he couldn’t embellish..

The Large Hadron Super Collider is going to be restarting again–a new particle, we’re told, could be detected this year that would make the Higgs Boson look minor. For those keeping score, there are tons of websites online depicting a frightening scenario, one that they say even Stephen Hawking is warning us of.. perhaps a new black hole opening? Maybe the universe itself being eaten up..? Maybe the Langoliers coming ..or wait, that’s a Stephen King book. Not Hawking. But what we do know is this: The extremely updated Collider is going to search for signals that could become a new model of physics.  And maybe open a  black hole, too..

Imagine: A United States citizen with high profiles and extremely high credentials and clearances in the United States government publicly saying that he wishes he could have brought disclosure on the topic of UFOs. Imagine.. Stop imagining.. it’s exactly what John Podesta is saying! Some hate him politically, others love him. But stop with the ridiculous two-party division nonsense and just realize what Podesta, a former Clinton staffer, is really saying: Podesta said in a tweet February 13th: “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the of the UFO files..” 

Just in time for the United States to open doors to a new relationship with CUBA, this shows up: A “much more aggressive than others” strain of HIV have been discovered by an international team of researchers in patients in Cuba. ..

Some new rumors about Megan Fox and Michael Bay–could it be that she’s in the new TRANSFORMERS movie but HE is out!? At this point just rumors. I highly doubt them as well.. for better or worse, Michael Bay IS the TRANSFORMERS movie. and lots of people are really excited about the idea that Fox will return along with Shia LeBouf, so as long as he’s not wearing some paper apparatus over his head that day..  These casting and production rumors are getting a little ridiculous.. as noted with a headline like this: “‘Transformers 5′ Cast, Trailer & Plot: Mark Wahlberg & Megan Fox Confirmed For Film [Rumors]… ahhhh..entertainment journalism. Where the words ‘confirmed’ and ‘rumors’ can appear in the same sentence..

Backstreet Boys will be together for the SNL 40th.. and now .. Looks like Justin Timberlake and the rest of the members of the popular 90s boy band might just reunite for an appearance on Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special. If you’re excited about that, you’ve clearly run your course with modern pop culture and are stuck in a period of time when your youth dictated what you’d love for your life. Backstreet’s Back. Alright.

30 years after the BREAKFAST CLUB, it is coming back to some theaters.. It is interesting now to go back and see what TIME magazine, then in 1985, said about the classic movie.  One fun concept is to look at what will never happen again, thanks to modern technology..  It was a movie for its time and of its time, but yet somehow stands the test of time. Yes, outfits are different.. the technology is limited.. But there’s one common thing shared by that of all generations: Our attempt to fit in, find our niche, and create a ‘character’ out of our reality. In the BREAKFAST CLUB, the most amazing part is that all of the characters, by the end of their Saturday detention, actually discover who they really are because they are faced with the clear vacancy of others judging them. I bet, though, by Monday their egos were back and they ‘role’ resumed. But it’s all fiction, right?


Seems like the entire state of Pennsylvania forgot about the crime of children being molested, having their dignity and innocence stolen, and have a head coach who couldn’t care less.. A new poll shows that a vast majority of Pennsylvanians want the Joe Paterno statue to return to Penn State..

Executive action on cybersecurity is coming from the White House.. news tonight that President Obama is going to exert his authority in the arena with a new executive order…

FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY described as ‘domestic violence dressed up as erotica’
Family groups fury..
SUPERMAN with sex..

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 40th anniversary special will be more than three hours long.. Which I think is well worth it. The show, for all its troubles through time, has given us memorable pop culture moments.. sadly most cast members were forgettable. Maybe it was because it was when I was younger and dumber, but I think some of the best humor on the show came from the 92-94 seasons and then the 97-2004 years.. The most recent few have showcased how the program is quickly losing its influence as the power of television wanes..

WIRED magazine argues the case: How to get Silicon Valley anti-vaxxers to change their minds.. But quick the alternate argument was presented in TRUTHOUT with a piece written by ALEX JAMES, who says the dangers presented by recent revelations about MERCK are much more troubling than anti-vaxxers.

Plastic is clogging the world’s oceans..millions of tons floating around the planet earth..

Monster hurricanes once plagued New England.. new predictions today that the history of horror may repeat itself.. While Europe was going through the Middle Ages, America’s East Coast was being pummeled by hurricanes at least as intense as Katrina every 40 years or so.. Such storms would be catastrophic if they hit the northeast U.S. today, according to lead author Jeff Donnelly of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution… Is this simply a plant of a story to mentally prep us for something they know is coming?

The crime of yoga pants? A Montana legislative panel moved to kill an indecent exposure bill Wednesday after the lawmaker who introduced it said he thinks yoga pants should be illegal…

Welcome to America: Grandfather visiting ALABAMA from India stopped by cops for walking on the street,bodyslammed and left partially paralyzed.. 

One day after a CBS reporter dies in a car crash, this: Bob Hager, the man you may know very well for commentary on aviation on NBC NEWS, was unhurt after a head-on crash today..

33 million people in US currently under a wind chill advisory..

James Franco has been cast as the lead in "11/22/63," J.J. Abrams' new Hulu series based on the novel by Stephen King. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)
JAMES FRANCO was cast in HULU’s Stephen King’s time-travel series..


I vote that Samsung uses this image in their next ad for a Smart TV. Freddy with television antennas on his head may be the only thing a little freakier than Samsung’s products. The only thing is, Freddy really didn’t care what we were saying..
The only thing scarier than a Samsung product: Freddy Kreuger with TV antennas on his head..

Guess who’s bringing back the gas chambers?? We are! America.. Well, really Oklahoma.. 

Brian Williams’ scandal shows us that nothing is a secret anymore..

Did you ever consider taking the James Randi paranormal challenge? HUFF PARANORMAL explains why that may be a pointless thing to do..

New scientific theory set to baffle you more than old scientific theories: The big bang never happened. The universe was always here. Try to contemplate that one for a while. Just try..

Siberian TIMES report worries that a massive quake could actually tear Siberia into two..

Brian Williams may have pretended his helicopter was shot at. But did Bill O’Reilly cover up a crime in El Salvador? There is a much read article running in THE NATION by Greg Grandin..

Sorry @Drudge, but I really think you should reverse the ‘real’ and ‘fake’ in your headlines tonight..
I think Drudge had his headlines backwards last night..


Records fall in Boston: 20 more inches of snow and lots of people completely fed up with winter..

Ice storm causes major accidents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania…

New Jeb Bush chief tech officer can’t delete his Tweets about ‘sluts’ fast enough.. The digital life you lead matters a lot more than you think when you Tweet things out..

Pennsylvania teen charged with murder and taking a seflie with the corpse..

No chance for damage control at SAMSUNG.. the company has been in the news for having actual text in their documents warning consumers of smart TVs not to have personal conversations in front of them.. They will be recorded and sold to third party people.. SAMSUNG shares fell and an outcry has ensued among people who suddenly realize their privacy got sold when they bought their TV..

Patrick Melton Marcus Dunstan Split - H 2015
HALLOWEEN is coming back.. and the writers from SAW are going to make it happen…
 I am going to put myself in the category of not being overly enthused about this yet.. Maybe the SAW folks will bring some form of gore and creativity.. I don’t know. But can we get on with it already? Can we move beyond Michael Myers at some point soon? And quite frankly, if any Halloween movie deserves a remake, it’s SEASON OF THE WITCH–that movie had potential but ended up being a laughable parade of accidental humor.


Good article from MOVIEPIOLOT.COM: Why modern horror movies don’t get it right. I agree with the point of this article by Pedro Asdrubal Diaz.. modern horror is not memorable. Last night after many things led me to miss the ANNABELLE release in theaters, we finally found a copy in a REDBOX and watched it .. The group of us who saw it figured it was going to be a modern classic. It was not. It was actually quite forgettable and unmemorable..  Creativity seems to be completely lost.

Will there be some horror hope? Here are 10 movies  of the horror genre to look forward to this year.  UNFRIENDED looks creepy.. 31 looks avoidable in my opinion.. `KNOCK KNOCK looks ridiculous.. IT FOLLOWS will be great, judging from early reviews..SPRING looks creepy.. And POLTERGEIST?  After a good trailer I am suddenly accepting this remake. We will see and time will tell if the film is as good as the two minute preview..

MOMS ACROSS AMERICA infiltrate Monsanto by purchasing shares of stock! And now they were able to submit their shareholder proposal to make a plea about the dangers  of MONSANTO..  An amazingly interesting and creative form  of protest.. For those expecting a suddenly organic and NON-GMO Monsanto, don’t get your hopes up. That is of course unless you eat at the MONSANTO cafeteria.

Yet more studies link Monsanto herbicide to the butterfly colony collapse crisis.

This news from Oregon and Washington state is alarming: Mysterious ‘dirty rain’ is falling over the two states.. 

ISIS blows up one of the largest and oldest Chaldean churches in Mosul..

Graphic videos detail the ISIS ‘harvesting of heads’.. This is the story of ISIS not being told on any American news outlets..

Exorcisms in Australia on the rise.. did the devil take over the land down  under?

Catholics vs Muslims as a battle leaves deaths in Dinajpur..

Another dead banker: Couple found stabbed to death.. cops say it was a murder suicide.

Measles is soaring–in Europe!


A creature roaming in Yellowstone Park (circled in red) is believed to be bigfoot by one person
Bigfoot is back in the news again.. this time in YELLOWSTONE.. or so something think. There is a video being seen around the world showcasing what may be a BIGFOOT creature.. Theories abound.. And so do fears.. don’t neglect that weird occurrence noticed by DUTCHSINCE that every time bigfoot is in the news, something notable happens in the world a day or two later..

President Obama talks about crimes committed in the name of Christianity..  In attendance: A war criminal from Sudan.

Brian Williams in trouble over false stories .. and now in trouble over an apology that is having its facts questioned.

TARGET defends selling sex toys to promote movie FIFTY SHADES..


Air fright as a plane crashes down in Taiwan.. it was caught on a dashcam..

ISIS Terrorist
UN agency investigating photos showing ISIS distributing its food..

Jordan answers ISIS killing of pilot: Two Iraqi militants hung..

Hillary Clinton’s WMD moment: US intelligence saw false narrative in Libya..
ven more: A secret report now revealed shows that Hillary Clinton Libya war push and how Al Qaeda terrorists were armed.. But we knew this already didn’t we? Some of us.

Boko Haram is now threatening a city of two million people.. And as a result of Haram’s murder spree, some areas of Nigeria are Christian-free.. Completely

AP Photo/Karim Kadim
Large amounts of the property of dead Christians now for sale in Mosul..

1500 year old book discovered contains previously unknown gospel that has been deciphered.. It’s the “Gospel of the Lots of Mary.”  Now revealed, the text opens this way: “The Gospel of the lots of Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, she to whom Gabriel the Archangel brought the good news. He who will go forward with his whole heart will obtain what he seeks. Only do not be of two minds”

NASA plans mission to Europa to check for life..

The world is strange.. not sure what do get your special guy for Valentine’s Day? How about a chocolate anus. Really.. Buttholes that taste like chocolate..
 Of course if you want the REAL THING, you can always get your anus bronzed.  What will future generations or aliens think when they find the remnants of our civilization?


Vaccines are suddenly becoming a campaign 2016 issue.. Rand Paul and Chris Christie both suggested that parents could choose to vaccinate. Others disagree vehemently.. Hillary Clinton stepped into the fray with a #vaccineswork Tweet.  President Obama has utilized his weekly radio address (yes they still happen) and other appearances, like his beer-swigging pre-superbowl interview, to advise parents to choose vaccines over not. But Rand Paul, the famed anti-establishment eye doctor who is not a Senator and vying for the highest office in the land, says that vaccines have dangers.. Paul said they they can cause profound mental disorders.. the Paul comments raised some eyebrows, and have others in the anti-vaccine world applauding.. you can see his unusually combative interview here on CNBC.. the interview was set to be about financial issues but it took a controversial turn immediately..  Paul says that ultimately vaccines are a good idea but he had his ‘staggered’ over several months..  When the interview turned back to stocks and economics the banter between the host and Paul seemingly went even more downhill..

Meanwhile on FOX news, Megyn Kelly argued that parents should vaccinate their children and “some things require big brother.”

The vaccine issue has been bubbling under the surface of reality for some time. A massive measles outbreak thanks to the filthy happy land of Disney has made it boil over .. Expect more as the cases uptick..

The cost of leaving the Islamic State: Jail. Or death. That is the dark and stark reality of life under the merciless regime.. the AP details the facts in a dispatch from Tunisia about a man who left Syria and now is fearful for his life.. The AP reports: “Now he chain-smokes as he describes the indiscriminate killing, the abuse of female recruits, the discomfort of a life where meals were little more than bread and cheese or oil. He recounts the knife held to his throat by fellow fighters who demanded he recite a particular Quranic verse on Islamic warfare to prove himself.

A report claims that there are secret talks taking place between the United States and North Korea..

Evi and Randy Quaid (YouTube)
Randy Quaid attacks Rupert Murdoch in what may be the strangest YouTube video from a celebrity. Ever..
 During the epic rant, his wife is on the bed in a bikini wearing sunglasses.. he refers to CHRISTMAS VACATION and Warner Bros stealing his house and the NEW YORK POST smearing him, and also complains of false arrests.. You can watch the video here.. I don’t think he blinked even once during this video.. But be warned, the video is not safe for work or after dinner. At the end, Quaid has his wife put on a RUPERT MURDOCH while he either simulates or REALLY has sex with her while speaking about police media corruption.

Who would Jesus have rooted for? A Church in Washington got so into the Superbowl frenzy that it decorated its usually holy altar for the big game this past Sunday. That caused at least one Church blogger to snap out and, in my opinion, fairly so..

Just like her mother three years ago, Bobbi Kristina was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub as the music industry prepared for the Grammy Awards.. and now Whitney Houston’s daughter is fighting for her life..

Robin Williams and kids fight over his estate..

Planck sky map of 353 GHz radiation, with the BICEP2 window outlined
THE BIG BUST: Scientists withdraw their claims have having found evidence of big bang..
Big bang evidence evaporates…

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY house quickly snapped off the market for under $800,000//
  The house is gorgeous and, photos from inside show an even dreamier place to live. And the story is worthy of a flashback.. don’t forget, whoever is the proud owner of the humble abode, Oren Peli claimed he chose the house after real paranormal activity took place prior to making his first film.. At that time, Peli said when he moved into then house, weird things continuously happened there. And that’s what gave him the inspiration to make the movie.. The CBS8 2009 story also quoted a pool cleaner who visits the house saying, “We try to not pay attention. We just do our job and we are in there and we are out. It’s really weird.”  The reporter for CBS8 wrote this about the house itself: “Although no one was home, a faint banging was heard coming from the house.”  It is always difficult to tell fact from fiction.. other famous houses from horror exist, like the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET HOUSE that was purchased in 2013 (and it’s a beautiful clean and modern non scary place) .. and the AMITYVILLE HORROR location, which still attracts many and is constantly being sold and resold..
As far as the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY house, new owners can cleanse it of spirits and bring goodness between the four walls. Or… let the oddities occur and let pool cleaners continue to be scared off by ‘weird’ bangs from inside.. So whoever buys it? Maybe you’ll have to clean the pool yourself.. and in the luxurious life of the rich and famous, that’s the truly scary thing..

HERE’S A LIST OF 14 THINGS THAT MAY NOT EXIST IN 2020. I think the list is a presumptuous. What is missing, though? JOBS.

If you live near OpenBiome’s lab in Massachusetts, you can earn up to $13,000 extra a year to donate your fecal matter. Not a bad gig, and with the Seahawks loss in the Superbowl, perhaps the next logical for Doug Baldwin.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin celebrates a touchdown catch against the New England Patriots in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, February 1, 2015. (Ronald Martinez/Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


Punxsutawney Phil
The Superbowl is over.. Katy Perry’s tiger was ridden.. and the groundhog today at Gobblers Knob saw his shadow. Six more weeks of a sloppy winter mess coming, I suppose.. If you buy into that folk tale ..

United States intelligence warns that the Vatican may be the next terror target..  We have written extensively about strange occurrences and oddities showing up in the news lately with the ‘final Pope’ idea being safety tucked away by headlines.. It is alarming to consider the consequences of any attack on the Vatican for this planet.

History proves Joe Kennedy to be on the wrong side of history: He wanted to answer the “Jewish question” by shipping them to Africa..

A website argues the case of why you and your loved ones should get off of Facebook now.. it’s a good read. I am on Facebook, I also have a fan page for this website on Facebook with over 100 followers at this time. Am I worried about their terms of service? Always. Am I horrified but how Facebook destroys the humanity of people? yes.. but there are cautious ways to come at the social network.  I think more than anything else: The fact they read private message is alarming. And they do.  The argument on the tech site is convincing..  read it and judge for yourself. Act accordingly. If you stay on Facebook, be smart and don’t think just because you have ‘nothing to hide’ and the prying eyes of the technocracy don’t destroy you anyway..

If you missed the Katy Perry halftime show at the Superbowl, you may have missed quite the Illuminati ritual. Clyde Lewis posts..

Elizabeth Picciuto in DAILY BEAST writes a good article: Why you can’t punish a psychopath.. 

A New York pastor is making news.. he says that Justin Bieber is transgender and regrets ‘cutting off’ his breasts.. But before you take it seriously, know this: This is the same pastor who claimed Vlad Putin will ‘out’ Obama as gay and that Mr Manning has previously alleged that Vladimir Putin will ‘out’ Barack Obama as gay, and that Starbucks flavors coffees with the semen of sodomites.. Drink up Bieber fans.

Chickens are not stupid creatures.. They map numbers spatially — brains similar to humans?

Climate change is literally making land on Iceland rise..

The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY house is up for sale.. $749,000 on the market.

Cecilia Carrasco fears she is going to be targeted in more ghost attacls
CCTV said to capture moment when a ghost woman.


The rise of the robots is taking jobs. Proof is at AOL, where 150 employees were laid off yesterday because of a rise of the ‘programmic ad sales’ ..
 At some point, this is all going to break society and a new way of thinking on economics and business will take shape. Mechatronics will replace four jobs–when few work what will occur to the masses of asses?

Secret Service is monitoring social media ahead of Superbowl ..

Forecasters are NOT playing this up, I sense they don’t want to be named the forecasters who cried wolf after botching up last week’s non blizzard.. but there will be a storm this weekend that is sizable enough to be called a major snowstorm.. The track is clear on this. The Groundhog’s Day storm will extend from Chicago to New York City. Everyone in the path will get between a half foot and a foot of snow or more.. And then after it, REALLY cold air comes down from Canada..

A company making global news: They are using microchips under their employees’ skin..

Obama initiative: The United States set to develop a DNA study of 1 million people.. The White House said the largest part of the money, $130 million, would go to the National Institutes of Health in order to create a population-scale study of how peoples’ genes, environment, and lifestyle affect their health

The strange abandoned Lincoln Way in Pennsylvania.. 
 Some very creepy images and an amazing story of how the town became an abandoned attraction in the United States..

Do you have the CHEMTRAIL flu blues?


Information revealed in Wikileaks documents that Obama Admin didn’t do anything to prosecute Bush officials for torture..

Police urge television stations in the UK to scale back any live coverage of London terrorist siege!  This is yet another snippet of news that reminds me of the show BLACK MIRROR, episode 1 featuring the pig and the Prime Minister.. the government ensured that anyone who watched the pig atrocity would be convicted of a crime.. art imitates life.. And then life follows through and imitates back.

A Code Pink demonstrator dangles a set of handcuffs in front of former Secretary of State Kissinger on Capitol Hill in Washington
Protesters call out Kissinger for ‘war crimes’ while McCain lashes at them as low life ‘scum’ .. Quite the eventful day in a normally dull Senate chamber..

Drugmakers get mysterious invite to the White House.. Could be the State of the Union initiative.. could be the measles outbreak..

Speaking of measles, the media has been severely unloading on anti-vaccine Americans and blaming them squarely for the latest outbreak.. The ECONOMIST said that everyone is at risk because of them. So you’d assume the latest scourge has been brought to us from the anti-vax crowd, right? Not really.. the CDC is finally getting to some facts on the matter and quietly saying–on a Friday–that the latest outbreak came from overseas or from an American returning from another country.. Perhaps more than anything, this proves how filthy and disgusting Disney is. Let’s stay away..

Doctors speak up: They are starting to refuse parents who have anti-vaccine views..
USA TODAY column argues that a jail sentence should be given to vax-skeptical parents!

The mystery of all of the children becoming paralyzed from EV-D68 continues…

Doctors warn that the EBOLA VIRUS is mutating!  This is a warning to take seriously, I believe.. One expert: “We’ve now seen several cases that don’t have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases. These people may be the people who can spread the virus better, but we still don’t know that yet. A virus can change itself to less deadly, but more contagious and that’s something we are afraid of”.. Researcher Anavaj Sakuntabhai..

Claim from a nurse who quit the medical profession: Nutrition cures cancer..

This is awful news in Mexico: Deaths and injuries after a gas explosion at a children’s hospital.. I have been watching a website lately from a psychic named Eric Leigh-Pink.. He seemed to have nailed this one and many others.. check out his information.. There are some credible people that come by now and then.. This does not seem to be a huckster..

Even in the darkest hour of sadness, hope abounds.. babies have been found ALIVE after the gas explosion ripped through the Mexico hospital!

This is probably something that would make Elon Musk and Bill Gates cringe a bit–they both fear AI.. The Navy wants robots to train the Marines. Read that again. The Navy wants robots to train Marines.

What a lot of people don
DUTCHSINCE details a strange and cryptic interview in which a Yellowstone geologist talks about an eruption in 2 weeks or less!
 The video tells the tale: A geologist is asked what the time frame is for an eruption.. he responds, 2 weeks! The source of the story comes from KSFY..  The actual quote: “Now what do we mean by foreseeable future? I would say, you know a couple of weeks, and that’s what I would say with certainty” .. my analysis: The ‘foreseeable future” as defined by the park ranger means that Yellowstone is so unpredictable that the foreseeable future is only two weeks.. I don’t think if I smell a conspiracy or reason to panic, but more a reason to constantly ponder whether Yellowstone will expand itself during our lifetimes.. Nonetheless, DUTCHSINCE is doing yet again amazing work and his websites and YouTube channels should be favorited..

Bizarre moment captured: Dutch teenager storms a TV station and demanded air time.. The media reports: A man identified in Dutch media as ‘Tarik Zahzah‘. He is a chemistry student at a university.. he is interested in ‘conspiracy theories’ and the new world order.. It appears he was acting alone.. He was caught on camera walking up and down the studio holding a replica pistol and talking to a security guard. “There are major world affairs which we want to bring to the public,” he said. “We have been hired in by the security services. There we have heard things which call society into question.”..  I am sure he’ll be interested in Katy Perry’s SUPERBOWL HALFTIME Illuminati show this weekend. Unfortunately there’s a good chance he will not be free to analyze it.

Speaking of symbols and what not, Katy Perry says that jaws will drop and faces will melt..  her comments remind me of what happened to kids who put on Halloween masks in SEASON OF THE WITCH..

What MONSANTO doesn’t want you to see.
  But here is what they want you to know..

NY Blogger Raises $1 million for a Broklyn School’ s Harvard Trip
HUMANS OF NEW YORK Tumblr blog raises over $1 mil for Brooklyn school..
  now that’s changing the world ..

The plot of AMERICAN HORROR STORY 5 already revealed in Curtain Call from 4? There are rumors that Jessica Lange is saying goodbye and that it will be set in 1950s Nevada..

Sequel mania in 2015: Release dates given for FRIDAY THE 13TH, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, AND RINGS One piece of bad news horror fans may not like (or not care about much at all) is that FRIDAY THE 13th was pushed from 2015 to 2016..

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