TRUMP 2.0: New fresh hair for his meeting with the Queen!

President Donald Trump plans to officially announce that he’s seeking re-election in 2020 at a rally at the Amway Center on June 18..

Amazon warned: Be ready for antitrust..

Wire says big tech should be very afraid..

Mass murderer shooter DeWayne Craddock was violent with his coworkers before killing them in rampage..

Five people were injured in stampede of spectators at the Roots Picnic music festival on Saturday night, Philadelphia Police said… MORE: The incident happened during 21 Savage’s set at the music festival at the Mann Center; police say someone claimed another concertgoer had a gun..

What happened!? GODZILLA opens to a mediocre sum of less than $50 mil at the box office.. Those ads were rampaging through social media.. Eleven was screaming her killer yell.. and with all that the box office goes to hell? How did the blockbuster to be end up scraping at the bottom of the movie biz this year? Are we just AVENGERED out?

GODZILLA becomes a fading and failing franchise..

ROCKETMAN opens to $25 mil..

It’s official! Box Office: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Has Sold More Tickets In America Than ‘The Phantom Menace’!

NXT Takeover 25 is in the books and WWE’s third brand ushered in a new chapter under with its first standalone show. Despite not being attached to a main roster pay-per-view,, NXT Takeover 25 delivered the spectacular in-ring action that fans come to expect.

Nature Boy Ric Flair gets a pacemaker..

The next BATMAN will feature Robert Pattison as the DARK KNIGHT.. and may also feature a new Robin..

Catholic site questions: Would You Evangelize Sasquatch?

“This Country” star Michael Sleggs has revealed he is dying of cancer and will spend his final days at home with his family. In an emotional Facebook post, the 33-year-old actor shared the devastating news that he doesn’t have long left to live. THURSDAY MAY 23 2019

Catastrophe in Jefferson City..

Deadly flooding..

Homes swept off their foundations..

Barges ram a pier..

Three dead in tornado..

Police in Dallas said they are investigating whether the shooting deaths of two transgender women and the stabbing of a third are connected..

The mobs of people who are ruining storm chasing..

After 17 years: ‘American Taliban’ militant John Walker Lindh released from prison..

Claim that military bases are making people sick..

DC reinvents a Batman villain ..

Dave Grohl makes bizarre food demand at a concert..

Natalie Portman calls Moby creepy after he said they dated in 1999..

Mama June reveals rotted teeth in drug intervention episode..

SPOILER if anyone even cares anymore: STAR WARS RISE OF SKYWALKER may see the end of the Jedi and the Sith..

Rotten Tomatoes to link audience scores and ticket sales..

What critics think of BRIGHTBURN..

Billie Eilish on mental health: Asking for help doesn’t make you weak..

SUNDAY MAY 19 2019

Columbine shooting survivor dead at 37.. Austin Eubanks, his best friend and a couple of other students hid under the same table. About 10 minutes later, the shooters entered the library and methodically fired under each table, Eubanks said. He was shot in the hand and knee. His best friend was killed instantly. “Obviously, after that, my life took a pretty big detour,” Eubanks said.. Within a matter of weeks, he said, he developed an opioid addiction. Eubanks continued to struggle with addiction in his 20s..

Flashback to March: Two Parkland shooting survivors commit suicide..


Season finale of SNL.. AV CLUB weighs in: This has been a subpar year at Saturday Night Live, where the highs (John Mulaney and Jonah Hill’s episodes, a few isolated great sketches) are swamped in memory by a listless, directionless sameness..

Experts say that Trump violated the law in anti DeBlasio Tweet..

Anghus checks in: Saying goodbye to STAR WARS..

Madonna calls for world unity at EUROVISION..

Flashback: Madonna called for the White House to be blown up

A newly discovered asteroid with a diameter estimated to range from 170 meters to 390 meters will near miss the Earth on May 20 at a distance of only 6.5 million kilometer.. it was discoverd only one week ago..

If you have a backyard solar telescope, point it at the sun’s western limb. Active sunspot AR2741 is there, and it’s putting on a good show..

THE SHINING restored at CANNES! Conspiracy was talked about, too: “This is a seriously cool ghost movie. Don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories because it’s all shit,” Katharina Kubrick said. “I only said that because I’ve had some champagne.” THE MYSTERY CONTINUES..

2019 becoming the year of the creepy kid in horror movies..

MOMO getting a movie..

Robert Pattison rumored to be the next BATMAN.. and Catwoman and Penguin rumored to be his villains..

Alex Rodriguez viral photo on the toilet … privacy concerns! But no one knows who took the photo..

Sammy Shore Dies: Comedy Store Co-Founder and Comedian Was 92..

She has a groom of the stool.. but now the Queen decided to hire a social media manager..


Billboard in Times Square catches on fire..

Storm chaser has wild first hand encounter with dangerous tornado..

Smart tech the new horror in CHILD’S PLAY movie..

Teenangers are having romances by NEVER MEETING..

People are not getting enough sex..

China’s new SOCIAL CREDITS turning Orwell’s 1984 into a reality.. A low social credit score will exclude you from well-paid jobs, make it impossible for you to get a house or a car loan or even book a hotel room. The government will slow down your internet connection, ban your children from attending private schools and even post your profile on a public blacklist for all to see…

If you have been paying attention to headlines around the world lately, it’s fair to say this credit system will soon be worldwide..


The top horror movies coming out in the summer of 2019..

Horror movies based on true events..

John Carpenter to COLLIDER: Carpenter told the site, “I don’t have one scheduled but I’m working on things. I made a lot of movies and I got burned out and I had to stop for a while. I have to have a life. Circumstance would have to be correct for me to do it again.” MORE..

NO JOKE! CHRIS ROCK REBOOTING THE SAW FRANCHISE! “I’ve been a fan of ‘Saw’ since the first film in 2004,” Rock said. “I am excited by the opportunity to take this to a really intense and twisted new place.” The franchise revolves around the fictional character John Kramer, also called the Jigsaw Killer or Jigsaw, who traps victims in situations that test their will to live. Tobin Bell has portrayed Jigsaw in all eight films. The low-cost titles have been highly profitable for Lionsgate, grossing nearly $1 billion worldwide. Mark Burg, Oren Koules and Gregg Hoffman produced all the “Saw” movies. Joe Drake, chairman of Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group, made the announcement on Thursday. The new movie will be released on Oct. 23, 2020

NANCY DREW coming to the CW this on Wednesday this fall..

When the military sparred with the TIC TAC UFO..

The rosary beads used to administer President John F. Kennedy’s last rites at Parkland Hospital on the day he was assassinated were auctioned for over $13,000 this month…


Tensions flare in the Middle East! Rockets in Israel! Concerns over Iran! Warnings from the United States! War drums beat!

Aircraft carrier sent to Iran after indications that the nation was planning an attack on US forces..

Davenport Iowa under water..

CBS off script: Gayle King speaks about shakeup..

ROYAL BLUE: Harry and Megan have a baby boy..

300 cats rescued from New York apartment!

She’s just being Miley: Calls to FREE BRITNEY at Memphis show..

DRAMA as Britney’s mom requests to intervene!

Bare chested and ready for 2019 MetGala..

Let’s get real!! A coffee cup from Starbucks was spotted in GAME OF THRONES.. MORE: The show’s art director, Hauke Richter, told TMZ on Monday that the cup wasn’t from Starbucks, but from a local coffee shop in Northern Ireland, where many of the scenes are shot. Richter added he was “certain” that it was an accident..

Adam Sandler says he was not mentally prepared for his tribute to Chris Farley on SNL.. For those who did not see it, take a listen to this.. one of the most thoughtful and beautifully simple songs ever heard that showcased pure emotion, laughter, and a kind spirit..

Davey Boy Smith Jr Thought Bret Hart’s WWE Hall Of Fame Attacker Could’ve Been Enzo Amore..

Beyond ENDGAME: Spider-Man after AVENGERS..

IT 2 trailer dropping Thursday.. a NEW YORK CITY Times Square ad revealed this information today..

Marvel Studios and Disney Pictures’ “Avengers: Endgame” has officially surpassed the $2 billion mark in its second weekend in theaters. In record time, the film is now the second-highest grossing movie of all time with $2.188 billion globally, passing the $2.186 billion global haul of “Titanic” in just 11 days and easily smashing the $2.04 billion total haul of its own predecessor “Avengers: Infinity War”.


JOHN SINGLETON DEAD.. .. “We want to thank the amazing doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital for their expert care and kindness and we again want thank all of John’s fans, friends and colleagues for all of the love and support they showed him during this difficult time,” the statement added…

Trump in the Oval Office to Baylor women basketball players: “I love those short sleeves,” Trump told the women. “Such beautiful arms. Great definition.”

Joe Biden slurs his way through first campaign speech..

…the socials.. After a year of profitability, Twitter sees a way to keep its business focused on growth. The company announced over a dozen new content deals Monday focused on quality programming tailored to the needs of existing, hyper-engaged communities on Twitter, rather than the widest corners of the internet..

WOODSTOCK 50 canceled..

AFTER ALL THAT some say GAME OF THRONES Winterfell was a dissapointment..

How the Pennsylvania dutch made a rural town a snack food empire..


Mayor says synagogue shooting in California that left 1 dead and 3 wounded was a ‘hate crime’..

A tale of two DCs.. Trump rallies his base while the press rallies theirs at the White House Correspondents dinner–minus a comedian..

Trump says that Bernie Sanders is being cheated again..

Measles outbreak in kids alarming.. but what about adults?
Trump urges measles vaccine..

Rio horror show! A model participating in Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week has died after getting sick on the catwalk…

Video of a drone delivering an organ for a transplant patient..

GET OUT NOW! Some theaters telling fans to leave AVENGERS early! .. the lines are long and the next showing is coming in.. There are no post-credit scenes.. Theaters acting accordingly and telling fans to hit the road..

BOX OFFICE RECORDS SHATTERED.. ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOVIE EXPERIENCE (?) DOMINATING WEEKEND MOVIE THEATERS.. MORE.. Some estimates place the superhero film’s expected weekend haul between $310 million and $340 million, while The Hollywood Reporter expects it to exceed $340 million and rival Variety is forecasting domestic sales could reach $345 million. The website Deadline is more boldly predicting sales of $358.5 million for the opening weekend..

10 scary movies on Netlix you didn’t know..

BLOODY DISGUSTING previews summer horror movies..

A new survey suggests that as much as 14% of current U.S. Netflix users are considering cancelling the service so as to replace it with the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.. MORE..

AMC offering KIDS $4 movie deals all summer–including snacks..

Greener pastures! Megan Fox Files to Dismiss Divorce From Brian Austin Green Almost 3 Years After Reconciling!

Brit out: Going to a tanning salon after weeks in mental facility..

New Jared Leto documentary film tracks Americans as they celebrate July 4 2018.. The film captures all walks of life, including those who were preparing the controversial Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that happened in August 2017.. LETO was at the premiere of the film head to toe in Gucci, wearing a maroon and white Gucci sweater with embroidered horse designs..



Applause and tears of joy in AVENGERS ENDGAME theaters..

Man beaten up outside theater for leaking ENDGAME ending..

Theater evacuated after someone yells ‘gun’..

Viewers love the movie!

Britney Spears is “home and happy” now that she’s checked out of the wellness center where she was being treated for her mental health..

Cell phone thrown at Trump during NRA event!

Did the winter forget to leave? Storm to dump snow on millions this weekend..

Beto O’Rourke draws tens of people at college campus campaign event..

Weinstein trial set for September..

52 years young: Halley Berry flaunts proud body..

Poor reviews for SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK documentary..

Out of no where! Netflix cancels Santa Clarita diet!

Horror streaming service Shudder has released a new featurette for its upcoming TV series Creepshow, which sees executive producer Greg Nicotero discussing remaking the 1982 anthology horror for the small screen..

Shannen Doherty has announced she will return for the upcoming revival of Beverly Hills 90210.. MORE: On the caption, she wrote: ‘Yes it’s official. The real question is… will we still be rocking those outfits. #bh90210″ ..

A man who made appearances as Darth Vader at film premieres and fan conventions will sell a costume created in 1979 by the “Star Wars” design team at an auction of classic movie memorabilia next month, auction house Bonhams said. .. MORE: The 17-piece ensemble includes the villain’s black mask, boots, a pair of capes and a cod piece, said the auctioneers, who estimated it could sell for between $1 million and $2 million.

Illumanati: Fans think Beyonce selfie features an imposter!

Nike gets hairy: New ad campaign featuring women with armpit hair..

Everything Is Not Awesome For Chinese Company Busted For Selling Fake Legos..

The universe is younger and expanding faster than we thought, a new study found.. And more: Astronomer Adam Riess used measurements from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to conclude that the universe is expanding 9% faster than previous calculations said.. Riess also calculated that the universe is between 12.5 billion and 13 billion years old — younger than the previous estimates of between 13.6 billion and 13.8 billion years old. ..

200,000 never before discovered viruses found hidden in our oceans! MORE: Prior to this, we only definitively knew about 15,000 of these ocean viruses – so this study is a huge deal for our understanding of our planet…

What to WTO says no screen time for children under the age of 5!

Taking a break from the grid! The benefits of going OFFLINE..