Movie Theater Traumatizes Children By Playing Horror Film Instead Of Detective Pikachu

The whole situation took place in Canada.. we are told that theater workers goofed up by playing the wrong movie and trailers instead of PIKACHU.. Kids, we are informed by live tweeting of the event, were scared.. some in tears.

The trailers: JOKER and CHILD’S PLAY.. parents stayed without asking what was going on at this point? Then the film that whirled was THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA…

Children and parents aghast!

And when the patrons were finally moved to another theater to see the REAL animated film they came for, the picture was halfway through and they just paused it until everyone sat down.

This sounds like an epic disaster–and if all of the information relayed about the event is true, it sounds like an intentional flub by angry theater workers!

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