More plumes rise from Arkansas?

Dutch Since has been focusing in on major plumes being shown on satellite imagery of the United States.. most recently, as he explained on his website, he seems to be finding more plumes. This time they are rising from Arkansas.. 

But with the video, this quote from the site:

no analysis — you can form your own opinion on what this is… at this point.. im tired of being the whipping boy for delivering the video on the occurrence .. you decide for yourself.. you think this is a fire.. fine.. you think this is a thunderstorm.. fine.. you think this is military testing.. fine.. you think this is volcanic activity.. fine.. you think this is related to fracking.. fine.. you think this is just a foggy day.. FINE…
whatever.. Im just showing you whats on satellite that stands out as odd

I certainly hope no ill-will has been shown towards Michael.. He has an exceptional site that most check every day.. And what he reports on these most recent plumes are worth noting..

2 thoughts on “More plumes rise from Arkansas?

  1. The theory of evaporation off springs is plausible but it seems like a lot of evaporation. The amount coming out of a small area suggests otherwise. Some of these plumes are half the size of Florida. Another anomaly is the time these plumes appear. They seem to be aligned with sunset which would explain why no one has reported a sighting on the ground. This area has been exploited heavily for natural gas. Could they be running out of required pressure. Just a theory but if the gas company was to turn on all of it's pumps simultaneously at sunset they could pressurize the entire area or state to force the gas to the surface. Kind of like scrapping the bottom of the bowl. Doing this at night is a little suspicious. Toxic chemicals maybe?

  2. The plumes indeed are immense. I am searching for natural reasons in general for all things strange and freaky.. but these plumes just get deep in my mind as plain out unexplained and they stay that way… Keep searching I guess.. ? Keep searching.. Answers will be sure to abound……

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