George Knapp, seemingly the last bastion of hope on the show Coast to Coast AM, will be featuring the topic (again) of missing persons..

Some may think that the topic has been overdone.. David Paulides is soaking every bit of fame and fortune he can get with the notion that ‘something’ has been taking people in national forests for decades–if not centuries..

Tonight’s program promises some newer stories, locations, and undoubtedly creepy occurrences of people who simply vanish without a trace.

But despite Knapp’s questioning, Paulides has yet to introduce his theory as to what happened to all of these people he has written about (and what may still be happening if whatever paranormal entity is still up to no good under the shade of large trees) ..

I still think we are heading for the eventual Paulides unveiling that Bigfoot may be the responsible culprit.

Until then at least we get good radio compared to the typical sub-par buffoonery that has become this program..

Eventually.. BIGFOOT will be revealed–at least that’s my prediction.
What say you, Mr. Paulides?

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