Millenials ruin ST0RM AREA 51 day!

Thousands turned out..
But only a hundred or so went to the gates of the famed government Area 51 base..

This was billed for months as a million-human march on the secret military installation in search for the truth. What went wrong?


As FOX 5 in Vegas reports,

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Thousands showed up in Lincoln County for two alien-themed music festivals this weekend.

Millions of people had said they would ‘storm’ Area 51. Far fewer actually did.

About 100 people showed up to one of the gates around 3 a.m. Friday. One person was detained and released.

“We came out here to raid Area 51 and find the truth about what they’re hiding,” Gary Winthorpe said. “We don’t know if it’s aliens, we don’t know if it’s time travel, we don’t know if there’s minions in there.”

Winthorpe, from Ohio, didn’t get his questions answered Friday morning. He was one of the group of 100 who showed up to the gates of Area 51.

“It was a bunch of millennials that came out,” he said. “They all came out with their camera just trying to vlog the whole thing so nobody ended up storming. It was kind of lame.”

While there were warnings from government alphabet agencies that sudden death was a danger of the raid, the 100 person crew that didn’t do anything was a surprise.

And … millenials being blamed for the inactivity..

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