Midsommer making everyone afraid of the daytime

The summer time.. the days stretching long into late hours.. fireflies blessing out sight with their light.. the beauty of the season–this year? MIDSOMMER came around to frighten us all back into the darkness!

Horror is typically filled with images of nightfall and shadows.. but a film being released this week is changing that perception of what is scary.

Reviews have been positive for the follow up to Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY.. people seem to be bewildered, freaked out, frightened, and even dismayed by MIDSOMMER..

The movie takes place at a Midsummer Festival in Sweden that’s described in the trailer as “sort of a crazy festival, with special ceremonies and dressing up.” Things go bad.. Horror movie bad.

Perhaps the best media sensationalism in promotion is this story making the rounds about the star of the film, Will Poulter, being afraid of bright sunny days after screening the film in Brooklyn:

“I had a relatively OK night’s sleep last night, but the night after watching the film was less than peaceful,” says the actor, two days after seeing “Midsommar” for the first time at a screening in Brooklyn. As one of its stars, he already knew the fate of each character in the horror film — but knowing and seeing are two different things.

Despite claims of recent restlessness, the 26-year-old British actor appears fresh-faced and present in a subterranean meeting room of the Crosby Street Hotel. More notable is his geniality, a sharp contrast from Poulter’s imposingly arched brows and recent roles — a corrupt police officer in “Detroit”; a video game programmer in the choose-your-own-adventure “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” — not least his turn as the unrelentingly obnoxious friend in “Midsommar.”

From Entertainment Weekly: Peele not only referred to Aster’s film as an “ascension of horror,” but told the fellow horror helmer that Midsommar has “some of the most atrociously disturbing imagery [he’s] ever seen on film.”

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