MIDSOMMAR praise in mainstream media



MIDSOMMAR confirms a major talent who isn’t afraid to alienate… most people,” wroteVanity Fair critic Richard Lawson on Twitter. “A psychotropic plunge into what death might mean, if it means anything. Deeply upsetting and very funny?”

“A wickedly funny romp with Ugly Americans and Freaky Swedes in the woods, a premium cut of one of my favorite subgenres (daytime horror), and just so confidently made,” wrote David Sims of The Atlantic. “Ari Aster takes the very idea of a sophomore slump and sets it ablaze.”

Other commentary about the movie has been coming from horror sites for months.. excitement has been building for this film, which is apparently mixing humor with the raw emotion of death..

Ari Aster on a roll.. other people who saw he movie claim it will mess with your mind.. will create havoc in your soul! And make you feel think Swedish solstice parties..

It all hits the fan just as America gets ready to celebrate its birthday. July 3 2019.. fireworks of the mind in theaters as bombs burst in the air outside. Horror in midsummer..

Aster has previously said to expected a ‘perverted version of the Wizard of Oz’

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