Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Mars.. you don't

Paging Richard Hoagland!

Could it be!? The dry and barren red planet could have had water.. maybe had water.. but does it still have it!?


According to earth-shattering, or should we say Mars-shattering, new research, water in the liquid form can exist on the planet during the spring and summer months for a few hours at a time.

This controversial news is from a study conducted by the University of Michigan. They apparently created a special chambers to imitate conditions on the surface of the red planet.

But it’s a theory. Like all theories..

And really, the Mars rovers–to our knowledge–has presented no information to show any free-flowing liquid on the planet–though we have been privy to images with glowing lights and rodent looking creatures, right?

I have often wondered if water exists on the surface of Mars, directly below the surface..?
While there’s no scientific evidence to back it up, there also is nothing more than ‘research’ to back up the new claims of potential water existing on the planet in the live form now.

But with all the things we don’t yet know about Earth, it is not beyond imagination to presume that we know hardly anything about anywhere else, too..

But just a few more things to note about this University of Michigan research: The prime reason it even took place is because Nilton Renno took a professorship at the University in 2012. He was from NASA. So .. that leads me to put a bit more credence into the information being plausible.

So what do we know?

But the theories sure are amazing to contemplate..

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