July 1.

The Fourth of July rolling towards the United States .. another birthday for a nation once thought of as a young and vibrant democracy.. What are we today? Who have we become? Did the youthful vibrancy become displaced by something more callous, cold, and engineered by social media masters?

As this nation begins its quest into yet another summer, another, celebration, we will be greeted by consternation and political rhetoric. Anyone tired of that yet?

We will debate social media platforms and how they censor — on social media platforms..

We will conjure up old nostalgic visions of Fourth of July celebrations in the past — only to conform to the modern binge of four walls and no windows that our lives have become..

Fireworks will flare.. the dawn’s early light will glare.. We will look in mirrors of shame and we will do it yearly all the same.

But as times marches to the beat of the drum, the drummers of wars past still echo from front line bloodbaths. Did they die in vain? Did we create shame?

This nation is young. Or should be.. other democracies have all lived lives and died trying.. We are as young as them. And as perilously close to a conclusion.

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