Insiders say Jared Leto feels betrayed by Warner Bros

In the midst of JOKER success, Warner Bros had to deal with something else: An upset Jared Leto ego!

The New York Times details that Jared Leto “was not keen to have a competing performance.”

The article doesn’t go into detail how Jared Leto expressed these sentiments.. rumor has it that it could been angry phone calls and emails..

Some insiders think that Leto continues to be undermined by Warner Bros. regarding his Joker portrayal. Leto defenders say it is hard not to image how Jared Leto felt about this betrayal by Warner Bros..

Others feel the portrayal isn’t worthy of defense.. in the light of Phoenix’s version, that seems even more apparent..


JOKER film hits $554 million in just ten days!

And now it’s clear: JOKER is on the way to $1 bil..

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