I read the news today oh boy

Too strange to believe: Did kitty litter cause a radiation leak!? A sign that ‘green kitty litter’ may not be the best idea..
Drink it while you got it: Coffee production may drop 40% as fungus spreads.. And speaking of the fungus among us, another fungus is decimating the banana industry around the world.. If you ask me, no better time than the present to really amp up ‘vertical farming’..
SO much for that old question: “TOO SOON?” Missing flight 370 may never be found, but money will be: Cannes movie makers are gearing up (and gaining controversy and attention) with plans for a movie called “THE VANISHING ACT”, a thriller based off of the missing Malaysian plane..
An Arizona town is literally running out of water .. and all the while we continue to dry up rivers just to water grass in the capital of in and sex, Las Vegas..
The industry can HEAR THEM.. AT&T buys DirecTV for $48 billion. Now I don’t feel that bad about paying my phone bill late last month..
Bieber parties with Paris and now he has the chance so many other 19-year-olds never will: To do commercials for HUSTLER..
Dan Aykroyd backs Scotland’s first paranormal festival.. I always thought Aykroyd should have taken over for Art Bell when he left Coast to Coast AM..

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