HUNGER GAMES in Santa Barbara shooting

Information about a mentally disturbed 22-year-old responsible for a mass shooting in the California city is now coming to light.. There is a bizarre angle of the story involving the movie HUNGER GAMES.. CNN reports this in recent dispatches about the shooting:

Based on what police told the family of Elliot Rodger, the parents believe he is the shooter, attorney Alan Shifman, a family spokesman, told reporters. He is the son of Peter Roger, who is identified as an assistant director of the 2012 film “The Hunger Games,” according to

The younger Rodger died from a gunshot wound after his car crashed Friday night, police said. It was unclear whether the fatal head wound was self-inflicted or the result of a firefight with police.

A video has also been uploaded to YouTube by the would be killer .. Along the chilling statements, he says he is an alpha male and says he would take pleasure in hurting girls who denied his sexual advances

And this: The family of the killer warned cops prior to the deadly rampage but police simply high the was polite.. Meanwhile he was planning his slaughter of blonde women..

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