How not to host the games: Show the flag of a nation you are constantly threatening with nuclear annihilation

Olympics, 2012 style
It’s tough to put on a show in the modern age. Sure, the Olympians are trained and ready and they even have thousands of condoms at their disposal, but it takes a flag mishap to cause a major diplomatic fiasco before the games even begin (officially)
So here is how things went down. As a soccer match between North Korea and Columbia was set to begin, the South Korean flag was mistakenly displayed. 
The North walked off the field and wasn’t seen for an hour. When the game delay was over, they went on to win 2-0. 
The National Olympic Committee offered up an apology to the newly married Kim Jong Un. 
No word on whether he is on a honeymoon..
The USA beat France 4-2, no one walked off that field.
And Lil’ Kim Jong Un is not a bachelor anymore.

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