High anxiety in California: The USGS forced to report that the West Coast will not fall into the ocean


Though people have joked for years that they either fear or want California to fall off the face of the Crust into the Pacific, it will not occur..

The fact the strongest quake occurred in 20 years means that some people who grew up in the total NET generation never lived through the other big ones that came and went–and some big ones did occur…  So this is all new for residents who face an aftershock a minute since the 6.4 foreshock and the 7.1 quake (unless it is another foreshock)

CNN has stepped in to add some mainstream flare to the internet rumors.

According to the Seismological Society of America, there is no strong evidence behind the claim that cats, dogs and other animals go crazy before an earthquake. Now this one some may disagree with.. Not only do animals have a feeling prior to thunderstorms from the vibrations and smells, but many feel that their animals also know when a quake is coming.

The USGS calls the the idea that the state will be swept out to sea “absolutely impossible.”
What will continue to happen however, is the slow — about two-inches-per-year slow — northward movement of southwestern California toward Alaska, as it slides past central and eastern California. Scientists say maybe in say oh, 15 million years..

The state is wary of the BIG ONE still coming. It always was .. and always will be.

Two years ago FORBES magazine posted an article about doomsday maps and doomsday plans.. and how billionaires of our modern age are attempting to build bunkers or have safe private islands for future living…

Climate change is happening. And it always did.
Earth changes are occurring.. and they always did.

As a matter of fact, this video portrays what the earth will most likely appear like 100 million years from now…

Enjoy each day, shake rattle or roll…


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