Halloween with audience reactions!

While it is completely illegal to take movies from inside a movie theater, there is some history that may come with this one.. Back in 1979, someone filmed the Halloween movie and we can hear audience reactions.. This seems like it should be a part of the annals of horror history..

Back in 2011, Kyle J. Wood’s DarkCastle2012 posted a video clip of the final moments in John Carpenter‘s 1979 Halloween. What was so special about the video is that it captured authentic audience reactions inside a Hollywood Boulevard movie theater in 1979!

The clip, which was re-synced and re-upped, drops us into the film right after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks she’s stopped Michael Myers. When Michael sits up behind her, the audience loses their collective minds. To experience this in 2015 is so astoundingly special that it gives me the chills. It just hurts my soul that we’ll never be able to experience anything like this ever again…

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