Google can hear you now

A person who Google hired to review voice recordings recently leaked over a thousand Assistant recordings to a Belgian news organization, which published a story and video about the recordings this week.

None of this is a surprise for anyone who has followed the stories that Google has listened to us for over a decade, even back to the inception of GMAIL many many years back.

And it is not just Google .. it is virtually each and every electronic device you own. Apple iPhones and even Samsungs..

This from now TEN YEARS ago:

Remember all the controversy surrounding the Android app that intercepted text messages? Well, it looks like company “Flexispy Ltd” is looking to take it a step further. Their new app, Flexispy, is one devious little bugger. It allows a some to install it on an Android phone, and – depending on the tier you pay for – do various and sundry nasty deeds. For example, on the highest tier, features include:

Call Intercept – Listen to live calls
Spy Call – Remote Bugging Device
Read SMS, Emails & GPS Locations
Email Relay – Forward all events to your inbox
Call records – linked to address book
SIM change notification – find out new number
Full remote control – via SMS commands
Web based full text keyword searches
Download reports in CSV, PDF & RTF formats
Full remote control
Remote uninstall

Don’t be evil.

Oh wait.

Google ditched DON’T BE EVIL a year ago!

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