NBC Olympic coverage is falling like a rocket from outer space..
Early ratings are large but still the lowest since 1996..
Friday night opening ceremonies were delayed by NBC to ensure that people driving home would see them.. But Early returns give the broadcast network’s coverage an overnight 16.5 rating among households.. It stands as the lowest overnight for a Summer Games since 1996

In the primetime hours between 8 and 11 p.m., the coverage averaged a 10.0 rating in the advertiser-favored demo of adults 18-49..

A perspective from the past:
2014: Sochi Winter Games — 17 rating; 31.7 million viewers

2012: London Summer Games — 21.7 rating; 40.7 million viewers

2010: Vancouver Winter Games — 17.3 rating; 32.7 million viewers

2008: Beijing Summer Games — 18.8 rating; 34.9 million viewers

2006: Turin Winter Games — 12.8 rating; 22.2 million viewers

2004: Athens Summer Games — 14.4 rating; 25.4 million viewers

2002: Salt Lake City Winter Games — 25.5 rating; 25.5 million viewers

2000: Sydney Summer Games — 16.2 rating; 16.2 million viewers

But also take into consideration the so far boring coverage that NBC is providing for the games.. Perhaps as some of the more hardcore sports heat up things will change, but thus far hours of table tennis and late night volleyball isn’t producing too much excitement..

Bob Costas! Save the day!

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