FBI raids Epstein’s pedophile island

Tourists and islanders reported breaking developings to major new organizations: About a dozen to 15 FBI agents were using boats and golf carts in a raid of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St James island in the Carribean.

It is undetermined as to the contents of the raid they were looking for or the subject matter they removed, but it did occur just as the NEWYORK POST and out outlets led with a story that Epstein’s body in federal prison was found with a bedsheet around his neck..

The official autopsy result has yet to come–though the initial look left the cause of death yet undetermined.

According to what is known thus far, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of NEW YORK is publicly hinting that conspiracy charges could continue despite Epstein’s death..

Now pedophile island’s raid brings up a question about other Epstein locations, namely his ranch in Sante Fe County New Mexico.. Will the FBI raid that location as well?


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