Far from a box office slump

The Amazing SPIDER-MAN was actually amazing.. the newest summer hit, FAR FROM HOME, was fun, sarcastic, enjoyable.. and unlike ENDGAME did not take itself too seriously. It was the quintessential idea of what a summer box office action hero franchise should do with their man star..

Tom Holland nailed the role..

It was worth seeing again. And again.

Maybe some people are judging from the tally.

From DEADLINE today:

SATURDAY AM Writethru after Friday 10:37PM and midday updatesRefresh for chart and more analysis In its fourth day of release, Spider-Man: Far From Homehas minted its second-best day yet with $32.7M, way up from the $26.5M we saw yesterday afternoon. Friday jumped 30% over July 4 with a four-day running total now at $124M for the Sony release.  3-day is now projected between $87M-$93M putting the 6-day opening between $177M-$184M at 4,634 theaters. Far From Home is on its way to notching the record for the best 6-day Independence holiday launch topping Despicable Me 2 ($153.5M). Far From Home will also be far ahead of the $154.1M that Spider-Man: Homecoming cleared in its first six days, and that pic didn’t have any help from July 4 (which isn’t always a kind holiday at the B.O.). Far From Home is cheaper then its previous chapter with $160M-$165M prior to worldwide P&A. Homecoming cost $175M and churned a profit after all ancillaries of $200.1M.

Meanwhile horror is representing at the box office..

A24’s Midsommar is coming in at the high-end of its tracking with an expected $10.4Mover five days.. the film is over 2 hours in length. It’s all in daylight.. and it’s frightening as hell.. Those buying tickets in updated exits were 58% male and 76% between 18-34 with the largest single quad being 25-34 years at 45%. Diversity demos were 62% Caucasian, 15% Hispanic, 12% Asian/Other, and 11% African American.


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