From as far back as my childhood, I recall UFO enthusiasts and believers in ET life to be kooks and con men, people ‘out there’ in a bizarre neverneverland. 

But recently, very important people have taken up the cause of the hunt for life somewhere else out there. The Pope said it may exist—and don’t forget those large Vatican telescopes which hunt for it every moment of the day. Bill Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel that he wanted to see UFO files on Roswell.. Neil Armstrong… and though the Neil Armstrong/UFO encounter was “debunked” as a myth for years, Armstrong recently spoke openly about the UFO he saw while high above the planet Earth.

And now, enter NASA into the equation. But they are going the furthest step mankind has yet taken—at least in public commentary. They say that human beings will come to know life exists—KNOW—within 20 years.. that’s before my slated date of retirement.. that’s when my son would be celebrating his 21st year of life, hopefully not being dumb at some bar ingesting an over abundance of shots. 

No matter where we’ll be who what we’ll be, this 20 year date is intersting for a few reasons.

Take for instance that ‘mystery roar’ from deep in space.. Scientists have been baffled by it for years. They are still.. Also, with those high profile folks mentioned here talking openly about their desire to find life out there, I am willing to take a leap of faith: One that tells me logic someone, somewhere, deep in the underbelly of science, religion, or reason, knows what’s coming. And when it does, life as we know it will change. We will all feel very small, don’t you think? Would our wars look petty? Or would we battle more? Would our faith be rocked, or would it prove life is even more abundant?

The news today that scientists are close to finding earth’s twin may also be coming at an interesting point for radio listeners. Last night, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis had a show about the ‘times of the sign’.. Lewis spoke in depth about the blips, beeps, and outright disturbing noises so often heard coming from somewhat deep in space.

So the truth, as it always is, is out there somewhere.
Maybe in 20 years we’ll see if Ronald Reagan was right..

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