YES.. Another post about the money that ENDGAME made this weekend in the box office.. Because it’s incredible.

Basically everything you have ever read about movie openings and records can be ripped up.. thrown away..

Gone..baby gone.

We may never see a movie like this again as far as records being shattered.  And it’s only opening weekend.

As DEADLINE wraps, here are the records made:

In the domestic market:

Biggest opening weekend – $350M
First film to cross $300M opening weekend
Fastest film to $100M – 17 hours
Highest Thursday previews – $60M
Biggest single day – $156.7M (April 26)
Biggest all-time Saturday – $109M (April 27)
Biggest all-time Sunday – $84.3M (April 28)
Widest release ever – 4,662 theaters
Biggest IMAX Marvel opening weekend – $26.5M

Biggest opening weekend – $1.209B
First film to cross $1B on opening weekend – $1.209B
Fastest film to $1B – 5 days
Biggest IMAX opening weekend – $91.5M
Highest 3D opening weekend – $540M

Biggest opening weekend ever – $859M (54 material markets)

Biggest opening weekend – $330.5M (RMB 2.22B)
Biggest opening day – $107.8M (RMB 725M, including midnights)
Biggest single day, excluding midnights – $81.7M (RMB 550M)
Fastest film to RMB 2B
Biggest IMAX opening – $42.4M

All of this in just 72 hours of box office rumbling….

Maybe this is the re-birth of cinema> Maybe movie theaters stand a chance after all…?

Let the good times roll..


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