Earth moaning and groaning update from across the pond

I have been receiving lots of feedback concerning a story that Earth Informer starting dedicating lots of space and text to in January of this year: The earth groans and moans that are reportedly taking place all over the world. From Kiev.. to Australia.. to the UK.. to the US–all on YouTube for your downloading and streaming pleasure.

Among the comments I have received, this latest one from a reader, named Alex, in the UK, is interesting. He wrote to the about his personal experience in hearing the loud noise coming from somewhere:

 I was at school and I had a music lesson. The class was quiet and suddenly we all heard this noise; it reminded me of a sound in the game Battlefield Bad Company 2 and sounded very similar to some of the sounds in the videos. The whole Class heard it including the teacher, he even temporally stopped the class just to listen to it. Anyway, I’m rambling on; I asked some of my friends in other classes if they heard it and they said yes. I don’t know what the sounds were as you probably well know there are many theories. Too many to know what to think in my opinion… 

Good point: Too many theories. Theories abound seemingly more than the noises themselves.
Thanks for the note, Alex.
We are always listening for more.

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