While details are scarce at the hour, the MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT radio broadcast tonight was frightening, poignant, and edge-of-seat dramatic.

Bell, who normally says that he has ample amounts of protection to keep him and his family in Pahrump safe from intruders and less than good people, was a potential victim tonight of violence during his broadcast!

While some reported hearing gunshots during the show, it is unknown yet as to whether the audio was clear enough to make it out.

At that point, very intense and dramatic broadcasting began..

According to Bell himself, multiple shots were fired around his property while he was on the air this evening.. MORE: According to Bell, his neighbor informed him that the gunfire was happening. Even more, it appears the shots were fired AT one of Art Bell’s buildings..


Bell left he air multiple times this evening to tend to personal affairs, the motion detectors around his studio were set off..

During the initial moment when Bell said we have a ‘little bit of  situation right here,’ he delayed his broadcasting using disco bumper music..  Themla Houston belted out the famed song, ‘don’t leave me this way’ and it seemed somehow extra poignant..  When he came back, he said there were ‘shots fired,’ and Bell speculated that someone driving by potentially drunk did it. Police were on the way. He reported immediately that he and his family were safe..


Bell said, “we are very very well armed and my wife is a really good shot.”

Bell continued the interview with guest William Forstchen and the topic of the potential end of the world due to a nation-power going nuts.

A little further into the interview, Bell again played dramatic music while he checked to see what made his back sensor light activate during his broadcast.

One user on BELLGAB correctly points out,

That was some of the most intense scary radio I’ve ever heard. It was like the War of the Worlds broadcast when the aliens first strike and they keep playing music in between crazy reports.

The scariest thing to me is this happened right in the middle of tonight’s broadcast like it was timed. If it’s kids playing around in the desert, I don’t care how drunk or high you are, you aren’t going to be shooting up houses for fun.

Intense radio or not, it also appears that this it was a potentially very dangerous night for the talk show host..


At the end of the broadcast this evening, Bell signed off with his traditional song titled the same name of his radio show, saying to listeners, “Strange night to be sure.” He said went on to thank every person associated with his new show as the melancholy music played the night out..

DRAMA in the desert ends peacefully–but potentially could have had very opposite results..


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWR9xCGLQAg]

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