Did vendors enter the upside down at StrangerCon in Jersey!?

Chester Rushing revved the crowd at the Stranger Things Convention in the Meadowlands in New Jersey..  Months of planning went into the Creation Entertainment Event

The headliner today, besides a costume contest and karaoke, was Caleb McLaughlin.. He is an amazingly talented actor and extremely down to earth and plain fun during events with fans. At 17, it appears he is truly having a blast being a part of the Stranger Things world ..today he answered adoring fan questions about pranks on the set and weird stalkers in Paris, and even had time to do a few back flips to the crowd’s cheers..


Caleb is the elder of the group of ‘nerds’ we have come to adore.. he is riding an enormously fun wave, and giving props to his parents. Today he said that his mom and dad were his role models in life.. They proudly stood by the stage during the event.

But something was amiss in the Meadowlands… Something seemingly went upside down in this reality.. Vendors, alas, were not present.

The HORROR REPORT was informed by sources that about 300 tickets were sold for the Saturday event.. Sunday’s sales were much bigger, with 1,000 for Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp.

But when fans walked into the large bright white room today, they found a few hot dog and food vendors… a bling bag sales shop, and mugs of root beer… Nothing else.


Vendors, all of that fun that comes with convention centers and events of this nature, were lacking!

What went wrong !?

The event was heralded for months, and the past few weeks Stranger Things fans on the East Coast have been deluged with New Jersey reminders.. To walk into a room of such vacancy reminded people more of the scenes from Eleven’s solitary confinement than that of a wild ride with typical convention scenes..


The official Creation Entertainment website claims that the vendor area may be small because of limited STRANGER THINGS memorabilia…An odd statement when considering that I purchased my Stranger Things glasses at Target, bookbag at Walmart, and see that countless STRANGER THINGS material is at the ready on eBay.. 

Fans could have used a bit more than $30 shirts..

But at least the stars are coming out. Even if the vendors didn’t…

And thank you Caleb for not only NOT giving away the ending of AVENGERS but also being so kind to my son Ayden.. You’re his idol today and deservedly so.



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